Best Local SEO Companies for April 2024

Find the Top 10 Local SEO companies and choose the best of them to help you get your messages to your local and regional target audience.

Monthly Score: 99.06


#1 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2024 - Manta is a results-driven online marketing agency that has helped over 40 million clients succeed online for 20+ years. We SEO-rank hundreds of thousands of businesses in the top 10 of Google. And our digital marketing products help businesses reach more potential customers and grow revenue every day. Our services include: Local SEO National SEO Ecommerce SEO SEO Citation Building Display Advertising PPC Consulting SEO Content Writing SEO Keyword Research Outsource Link Building Web Design Packages Business Listings

Monthly Score: 97.99

Local SEO

#2 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2024 - In today's online market there is no place more important than in the local internet advertising space. The problem being that it is such a nebulous term. You spend all your time running a local business; you hear that mobile is hot, that you have to have a social presence. But what does it really all mean, what is the end goal? The end goal should always be the same: to get more customers to your site, through your door and doing business with YOU. Any plan that doesn't start with that goal is not a solid local internet business plan.

Monthly Score: 95.50

BASE Search Marketing

#3 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2024 - Since 2016, we’ve been building links, building relationships, and trying to build a better internet for small businesses and agencies.  We are a group of 22 dedicated marketers based in Utah, USA. We’re college-educated and work 100% in-house — no offshore, outsourced, half-assed filler from us. We are proud of what we do, so you can be proud of what you do.

Monthly Score: 93.43

Paper Box SEO

#4 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2024 - Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we’ve chosen to specialize in just this area because it’s what we know best, and because we understand how a quality SEO strategy can help transform your business.

Monthly Score: 90.81

Hotspex Media

#5 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2024 - Hotspex and our team of brand building professionals are on a mission to become the world’s most innovative and impactful brand builders. We are working with 9 of the top 10 global advertisers in over 33 countries to drive brand growth by accelerating the speed to market of new ideas, while helping reduce risk and non-marketing dollar spend.

Monthly Score: 87.80

Arken Digital

#6 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2024 - We can help you sell more products online, promote your service and compete with market leaders. We use the latest tools, techniques and technologies to help you increase visibility and traffic. We focus on sustainable, long-term success not using short-term tactics that can damage your reputation or ranking.  

Monthly Score: 83.95


#7 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2024 - Grofire is a web design & digital marketing company focused on generating ideas, implementing solutions, and creating opportunities for businesses. We assist businesses and organizations with first-rate marketing services including website design and development, Google AdWords management as well as ad management on Bing and Yahoo, social media ad management, social media posting, local SEO, organic SEO, and retargeting.

Monthly Score: 79.55

Pico Digital Marketing

#8 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2024 - We are an online digital marketing agency located in the heart of Denver. We specialize in all things ‘internet’ to help your business build a digital presence.

Monthly Score: 76.92


#9 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2024 - Oyova Software, LLC is a leading application development and marketing company, responsible for transforming clients’ business and operations. Our hands-on, consultive approach helps clients integrate marketing and technology to create efficiencies and growth for companies across North America from offices in Jacksonville and St. Petersburg, FL.

Monthly Score: 42.01


#10 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2024 - CyberOptik is a Chicago web design firm founded in 2002 and based in Elmhurst, IL. We design, develop, and maintain effective WordPress websites that work 24/7 to generate new business. We believe that you shouldn't have to worry about your online presence. When you choose CyberOptik, you're choosing an experienced web design firm that will properly manage your website while being professional throughout the journey. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from the crowd; reach out and see for yourself.