Best Local SEO Companies for April 2016

Find the Top 10 Local SEO companies and choose the best of them to help you get your messages to your local and regional target audience.

Monthly Score: 99.23


#1 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2016 - As the industry leader in local-search marketing, 15miles connects national and local brands with consumers through proven, strategic Internet-marketing practices. Our experienced marketing specialists tailor your message to target audiences by integrating proprietary technology into digital-marketing strategies, driving sales directly to your website or local storefronts.

Monthly Score: 97.76

#2 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2016 -

Monthly Score: 95.18


#3 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2016 - Location3 first opened its doors in 1999 as a digital marketing company providing direct response results to clients on a global scale. Over the years, we have continually evolved, adding services and solutions and refocusing the various elements of each. But from the beginning, there has been one fixture that has never faded or faltered—our philosophy, Profit Through Performance™. We have always been focused on providing quantifiable success for our clients and we continue in that direct response tradition to this day.

Monthly Score: 93.23


#4 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2016 - It’s been years since we moved out of the garage and into business with thousands of small businesses across the world. We’ve grown because our message is simple. Online marketing is tough. Let us do it for you. OrangeSoda helps businesses succeed online by taking all of the complicated jargon like SEO, PPC, Social, and HTML, and turning it into comprehensive marketing strategies stamped with personal service. Our dedicated team of experts give every business special care and clear reporting.

Monthly Score: 91.68

Neustar Localeze

#5 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2016 - Founded in 2005, we empower businesses of all sizes — from local companies to national and regional brands — to quickly and actively manage their local business listings. We bring you a single source for distributing your listing through the largest local search platform network in the industry. We get businesses noticed in local search listings. That’s because Neustar® Localeze® has direct, authorized relationships with over 100 local search platforms. We’re the single trusted source to reach them all.

Monthly Score: 87.41

Verticle Measures

#6 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2016 - Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Vertical Measures provides complete Internet marketing services, designed to help businesses improve their online presence and ranking in the most popular search engines on the Internet today. This process results in higher levels of qualified site visitors, as well as greater sales conversion rates.

Monthly Score: 83.78


#7 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2016 - NetLocal specializes in internet marketing for local businesses and professionals. We work closely with our clients to understand their industry and the unique way that their business fits into the local market place. This understanding is used to create internet marketing strategies that allow them to compete.

Monthly Score: 78.84

Local SEO

#8 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2016 - In today's online market there is no place more important than in the local internet advertising space. The problem being that it is such a nebulous term. You spend all your time running a local business; you hear that mobile is hot, that you have to have a social presence. But what does it really all mean, what is the end goal? The end goal should always be the same: to get more customers to your site, through your door and doing business with YOU. Any plan that doesn't start with that goal is not a solid local internet business plan.

Monthly Score: 75.64

Local Market Launch

#9 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2016 - Local Market Launch has developed proprietary technology, methods, and relationships that allow us to distribute enhanced business data to these digital channels very easily and cost effectively.  Our proprietary technology creates, corrects, and claims business-listing profiles across thousands of digital portals on behalf of the business, providing each business location with an easy to use interface to monitor and update the listings as needed.

Monthly Score: 60.68

#10 of Best Local SEO Companies of April 2016 -