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Kaan Gülten, who started his work in the SEO field in 2007, has actively entered the sector in 2009 with his website seohocasi.com. His first book, "Uzmanından SEO", received the best seller title of the sector and the publisher, and he managed to fulfill the information gap within the sector through his articles on SEO and his book. Along with his second book, "Sorularla SEO", the books now achieved a significant success with a total sales rate of 54,000 copies. Gülten, who founded Webtures in 2011, has been providing SEO, digital marketing and UX services to many brands with its team of 35 people for the last 6 years. As an enterprise that reaches a team of 35 people from zero, Webtures is also one of the rare examples of success without receiving investment funds.