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"Tedroox Technologies is a creative digital agency that has the special talents to bring out beautiful digital products with absolute finesse. We are based in the bustling city of Bengaluru in Karnataka. The company was founded in 2015 by Mr. Vikas Bharati who also runs other ventures like PlanEdu, Future Medico, CityEduguide, and MBA4me. Tedroox delivers stunning websites that enhance your online presence, Mobile Apps that enrich your business operations, designs that add a touch of magnificence, digital marketing services that popularize your brand across the online world and exclusive PR services for political campaigning. Tedroox has highly experienced people on-board who are passionate, dedicated and creative to pull off all challenges and deliver top-notch results. We give special attention to solve each project and that’s how every service of ours turns out to be unique. All the stages of a project are transparent and the client will be asked for review and informed of each change. Each brand that comes under our belt is treated as our own company and the actions reflect the same. We try smart and hard to groom each small business to become a big brand. Our tactics and intelligent strategies are sure to escalate businesses to success. we’ll grow your Business to a whole new level. We are just a message/call away. Let’s team up for success!"



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