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Red Graphic

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We help companies go digital. Having started as an advertising agency in 1992, we soon realized our passion for digital marketing. Ever since 1998 we have helped companies of all range, from a startup to a Fortune 100, start, grow and succeed in the internet.

Our clients come from many industries. We work with FMCG producers, cosmetics and beauty products manufacturers, hardware companies, game developers and telecom operators, universities and business schools, lawyers, architects and art galleries.

We start with the strategy: research the market, audit the baseline and explore the insights. The strategy is the basis for all, be that digital campaign, web development, branding services or design.

Then goes creative work. Our creativity is proven not only by Gold at Moscow Advertising Festival, Kiev Advertising Festival and Golden Hummer Festival, but most importantly — by the feedback from the market. New trends, new channels, new formats — we are in to help our customer’s products stand out among competitors, and our customers’ clients love what we do.

We are a digital world resident with tools, expertise and procedures to provide real-presence level of service. All these years we operate from Minsk, serving clients from all over the world.

We believe in loyalty. We have managers and designers working for Red Graphic Interactive Agency for over 20 years. We boast decades of trusted work with the world-famous brands like Coca-Cola, Nivea, Mars (check our website for more names). The reason for that is that we managed to keep a boutique-size hardworking agency with a family spirit. This is our advantage — we stay focused on the clients, we know all about them, and we are dedicated. We keep small, we do big.