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Grazia SEO Consultants

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Grazia SEO Consultants is an SEO cum Social Media Marketing agency established to assist businesses achieve their revenue goals through market researched digital marketing strategies. With an experience of more than 10 years in the industry, we are capable enough to proactively work on the campaigns to assure that none of our website gets penalised by google.

Based on the standards that we follow, we make sure that your website stands 100% as per the google guidelines, which subsequently improves its visibility in the google search results. Through our social media campaigns, we float your brand in the social media network to not only make it reachable to maximum prospects but also try all possible ways to get them converted. Our mission is to provide excellent digital marketing services with utmost professionalism and quality.

  • We aim at becoming partners to our clients and working as a team with them to grow their business through strong online marketing campaigns and services. Based on the detailed research in the SEO industry, we have come up with dedicated services that makes us different as per below Grazia's principles:
  • We do not speak SEO with our client. We speak Business. We speak Revenue, we speak ROI.
  • We share monthly reports that speak results and not SEO jargons. We do not annoy clients using SEO jargons that they do not even know. We do not teach SEO to our clients, we want them to focus on their business and leave the digital marketing on us.
  • We do 100% white label SEO, maintaining 100% transparency at all levels.
  • We do not guarantee rankings in 3 months, but we do guarantee sustainable rankings for longer run. We believe in building relationships and not create overnight miracles based on hidden black label techniques.
  • We are SEO consultants that can repair the damage caused to your website by your previous seo agency, if any. Whether you are fed up by your existing SEO Company or you want your brand to appear in google, we can bring a solution for you in all the cases.
  • We also audit the SEO done by your existing SEO company, that too free of cost!

You can contact us directly for a free SEO audit of your website at [email protected]