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Web design is our bread and butter, so there’s no one better to trust with your project than our team of digital designers, who have individually earned accolades on both the national and international arena. Every website designed from the GearTooth camp follows the principle that form follows function - so you’re not only getting a visually stunning piece of digital art, but we ensure that whatever is designed achieves your desired results. In addition to being web design specialists, we place a high priority on digital marketing so that your key targets can be reached through your website. Needless to say then, user experience (UX) is paramount in all our web design projects - we thoroughly research and plan during the design phase to establish the most effective way to communicate your objectives to your audience. We endeavour to understand your target market and follow a user-centric approach when designing for your project. Responsive web design - why do we even need to mention this? It’s a web standard so you can rest assured that our websites are designed to display correctly in all viewports. We’re a mobile-first digital design studio!