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Solutions start with giving a sh*t. At Cape & Bay, we invest ourselves in every aspect of your brand. We do whatever it takes to deliver. We take pride in witnessing our client’s exponential growth. Our approach to marketing is simple: people first. To connect with your buyers on a personal level, we research, analyze, and understand what is culturally relevant and trendy; we then apply that knowledge to execution, and deliver significant results.


Branding & Design - Your brand is who you are. From your website, packaging, and beyond,

we partner with our clients to discover your voice, establish the comprehensive brand experience for your target market, and deliver stunning final products.


Digital Advertising & Paid Media - We raise your brand recognition. Leveraging strategic placements, we amplify and streamline your lead conversion process, to increase your ROI on any advertising channel or platform. 


Web, App, & Custom Development - We craft websites, SaaS, and mobile apps that are unique to your objectives. We utilize historical data to create behavioral workflows and prototypes that help guide users and keep them focused on your end goal.


Marketing Consulting - We help businesses grow, building on your foundations, we specialize in helping organizations scale, and reach new goals. We can help fill in the gaps where needed and accentuate your team’s strengths.


Inbound Content Marketing - We make your business turn heads. We craft content that is meaningful and resonates with your target markets. From engaging social media content to establishing thought leadership, we bring your customers to you. 


SEO & Lead Generation - We help businesses rise above the competition and stand out amongst all the digital noise. Not only do we improve search engine visibility, we optimize the user experience to drive conversions.




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AirDesigns is a digital agency that creates websites, web applications and marketing campaigns. We partner with great clients to build smart solutions that drive results. We help our clients be the first to take advantage of the new opportunities that are emerging every day in the web space.We Provide Value and Results We are always focused on providing our clients the most effective and cutting edge solutions at a price they can afford. We Care About Your Success We truly care about our client's success. How can we succeed if our clients don't lead the way.

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