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We are 100% family-owned Colorado local business with a focus on SEO, web design and development. Our founders have over 30 years of extensive experience in digital marketing, search engine optimization, PPC ads, branding, WordPress website development, and E-commerce. We have ranked a number of sites on the TOP page of Google and have a versatile portfolio for every industry. We will increase your website traffic, calls, and sales.


For website marketing, we are using the most effective modern strategies and custom development tools. We always live up to the customer’s expectations. Our Search Engine Optimization service for Bing and Google will increase the reach of the target audience, grow brand awareness and ensures a steady increase in the number of sales through your website. The SEO service includes a set of works on internal and external optimization of a website, as well as work on behavioral ranking factors. With decades of experience, we provide a wide range of advanced technology and internet services. And we do it at the highest level!

Website design is a subject of our pride. Astash is a company that creates vibrant and stylish websites, as well as brings back to life websites that do not provide the desired results to their owners. We take on all the hassles of developing, designing, promoting the site, filling it up with the content and marketing your business. You will only have to enjoy its success. We respect our partners and clients. Therefore, in our projects, we use only our own work, but at the same time, we take into account our clients wishes and ideas. We are an energetic and experienced team with the right livelihood. And if you are looking to grow your business and need a website that will be an effective tool to drive your sales, contact us today! We know how to help!