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Accend Digital Solutions

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Accen’D is the full service web development company in Dubai, specializing in website design and development, digital marketing, app development, AI enabled web applications, branding, advertising, creative, PR, SEO, social media marketing and more.
AccenD is, in essence, digital storytellers. We craft human connections over the digital sphere. We bring life, warmth and humanity to technology. After all, every innovation exists to create a better human experience.

We envision craft and weave the complete story of your brand.

And the best part is, we give this our all. From consulting to solutions, we have your back. Especially, you start-ups out there wondering where to begin your brand journey, we are here to give you a hand with every aspect of positioning, advertising and marketing.


Brand Consulting& Strategy

• Brand Assessment & Audit
• Visual Audit
• Brand Strategy
• Brand Positioning
• Communications Strategy
• Go-to-Market Strategy
• Customer Experience
• Launch planning
• Brand Training
• A to Z support for Starts-ups & SMEs

Brand establishment/ Brand Design & Implementation

• Brand Identity
• Logo Design
• Brand and Packaging Design
• Corporate Profiles & Styling
• Brand Guidelines
• Web Design & Development
• Web Applications
• App Development
Social Media Design & Development
• Multimedia Production
• Digital Content Development
• Asset Management

Brand growth

• Online Advertising
• Digital Marketing
• Print Ads
• Digital Campaigns
• Social Media Ads & Campaigns
• Audio Visual Assets
• Content Development & Marketing
• Outdoors Marketing
• PR
• On demand support

Brand revitalization

• Brand Evaluation
• Insights & analytics
• Re-branding
• Brand Re-engagement
• Viral Marketing
• Service innovation
• Signature Events
• Signature Products
• On demand support

Insight Services

1) Digital Marketing

• Digital Strategy Creation
• Brand Awareness & Visibility
• New Business Launch Campaign
• Digital Content Creation

2) Web& Mobile App Development

• Website Design / Intranet
• E-Commerce , E- Shop
• Mobile Application
• Web Applications
• Web Hosting/Email
• Website Fixes & Maintenance

3) SEO& PPC Marketing

• PPC campaigns
• Paid Social Ads
• Promotional Materials

4) Social Media Marketing

• Social Media Community Management
• Social Media Design &Content Creation
• Social Media Listing engagement & Reporting

5) Video Production

• Audio/ Video/Graphic Designs
• Video Logos
• Film & Motion Graphics

We are here to give you a hand with every aspect of positioning, advertising and marketing.