YouTube Shorts - The Powerful New Gizmo on the Block That Is First Catching Pace and How Can It Help You!

The eleven-month-old tool, YouTube Shorts, is the last sensation creating waves in the digital space. The early adopters are benefitting from the latest monetization policies that YouTube has recently put out.


But how does the tool work? How can you make better use of this latest format of short video clips? This article takes a deep dive into these and a lot more.


What Are Shorts?

 YouTube Shorts, launched in September 2020 in India, are short-format videos under fifteen seconds. The tool primarily focuses on the creators. YouTube aims to make the content creation process easy and more fun-filled for them.


The tool has a camera setting that can help stitch the various small snippets to showcase multi-segment videos. The numerous songs in their music library can ensure an unceasing number of choices to be the perfect background score.


Ease of operations and flexibility with the speed controls help enhance the performance of the creators. A countdown and a timer ensure a hands-free experience, thereby guaranteeing agility.


The tool is useful especially for the:

  • Brands and Advertisers
  • Artists and Creators
  • Subscribers and Viewers

Another crucial is the rapid response generation to your content. As a content creator, this can be especially helpful. If it does not garner the required spike in the viewership or the subscriber base, it will probably not make the cut for any of the above three. Based on such inferences, creators can tweak their videos accordingly.


The Progress

The US users saw the YouTube Shorts getting launched in March 2021. They added a few more fins to this shark which was already making its headway in the digital space. These came as additions to the earlier set of experimented tools.


The users could now also add texts to specific points of their choice in the video. This feature proved to be beneficial, especially for the DIY snippets. These features are aiding YouTube’s goal of facilitating content creation through mobile devices more and more.


The March update also had an option to include the sample audio clips from the shorts library. It enabled the users to remix and create their content.



In May 2021, YouTube announced the monetization of the Shorts. They allocated a budget of a hundred million dollars as Shorts Fund. The distribution of this money will happen across the various creators from 2021 through 2022.


Another crucial aspect to note here is that monetization is not limited to the creators who are a part of the YouTube Partner Program only. Creators who can produce original content and stick to YouTube’s Community Guidelines are eligible to get support from the funds.


Also, it is worth mentioning that this fund can propel content growth without the creator worrying to woo the Advertisers or the Brands.


Who Is the User?


YouTube Shorts launched in more than a hundred countries in July 2021. This milestone triggered the interests of the individual content creators as well as the advertisers and the brands.


Various genres are picking up pace in this segment. If you are vigilant and can create content that can put forth the message in a fun short video, you can expect good traction for your channel.


Devising a digital marketing strategy that establishes your unique brand identity is possible by encompassing these latest offerings. Another approach can be to opt for the services of the social media management agencies like


They can help you build a powerful brand personality and inspire your audience to take action through these engaging content strategies. Thus, it can help you to bolster the brand recollection and connect.


Data suggest the addition of more than one million Shorts by hundred and fifty thousand accounts in the last few weeks leading to August 2021, during the compilation of this article. Brands are already creating their Shorts, and one of the known names on the list is Disney. Ten YouTube channels of Disney are actively creating Shorts videos.


Therefore, though India still may compute the largest share of the shorts at around twenty-five percent, this feature can help many creators. The US users have also upped their ante and are at second spot with twenty-three percent contributions.


If you are a content creator, or a digital marketer, who actively works in this space, you can not miss this tool. If you want to stay relevant, YouTube Shorts has to be a part of your digital strategy.

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