Why You Need Negative Keywords for Amazon Advertising in 2021

Amazon is the largest advertising platform after Google and Bing, ranking in the third position. If you are new to the advertising world, then you should know about the seed’s fundamentals to plant a perfect tree. You should know how to revamp your spending efficiently.

After knowing the basics of Amazon advertisements, then you should capitalize your spending efficiently. Observing multiple strategies, we got our answer. Negative Keyword for amazon advertisement is the best and yet most charged strategy in 2021

Negative keywords shall be your top priorities. You should know their dimensions, why to use them, how to use them, where to use them, what should be their ratio, what to use, and lastly how to build them.

Negative Keywords for Amazon Advertisement

First of all, what are negative keywords? the words or phrases which prevent your ad to appear on the Amazon Search engine result page (SERP). If those words or phrases are available in the customer’s search query. For instance, if you are providing some headsets, then searching queries will be for phone accessories, Bluetooth headsets, wireless headsets

Currently, there are two sorts of negative keys, either phrase or exact. Adding phrases will not allow your ad to pop up when the same sequenced search query or the search query is closely variant. As for exact, exactly matched search query or the closely variant terms with your keyword.

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Negative V/S Regular Keyword

Negative keywords are opposite forms or antonyms of the natural or regular keyword and are also known as positive keywords. Compared to the negative keyword, Positive keywords trigger ads to show for your pages while negative keywords, would not trigger the ads to be shown for the page. As negative keywords have two sorts of keywords either exact or phrase, similarly positive keywords have three types, Exact, phrase, and broad.

Why Amazon Negative Keywords?

Negative keywords narrow down or filter your target, in regards to relevant searching. You have to pay even for a single click on your ad so make sure the customer is interested in availing of your product. Negative keywords help reduce unwanted clicks.

If your keyword is large then traffic will occur to your ad and eventually, you will have an audience. It can also be the relevant word of your keyword, some close variation, or a well-known synonym. Long keywords can also contain the keyword in any order.

Negative keywords show you relevant ads without any depletion, which saves your budget. But make sure all products should utilize negative keywords with the right ratio.

There comes an Automatic campaign, where your amazon negative keywords are defence. In this campaign, you are selecting an audience on a calculated budget. During the automatic campaign, amazon had to bid within the budget.

Finding Negative Keyword

Several practices are available to find a perfect negative keyword. Amazon has created multiple features for building negative keywords.

Checking amazon’s features, amazon has the search term tool which highlights all the triggered searches for some queries. Some queries are not familiar to your product. For instance, if the buyer is looking for a cake serve table, and an ad for a cake turntable shows up then, the turntable will also become a negative keyword eventually. It does not mean all negative keywords are useful or targeted. Analyze deeper so that you could know that the ad you are playing is gathering the audience for your product and your money is not going to waste.

Another example can be if your product is the junior tennis rackets then search terms will most probably be like a tennis racket, a racket for kids, tennis, or junior rackets.


These practices like Amazon’s negative keywords for advertisement are great, but they are not as aware as you are about your product. Besides these practices and actions, we have prepared some practices for you while reading search term reports.

While doing analytic research work, go for the CTR (click-through rates) and the high impression number. This will help you observe the irrelevant ad audience since the click and close your ad and you got debited just for a click. This will clear all the irrelevant customers from the line and narrow down your audience.

Watch for the highest clicks value, which could probably highlight to you the random, wrong, and disappointed buyers who did not borrow your product because they were either disappointed by the product, its rates, or other dimensions.

There is also a manual practice to filter the wrong audience, which is to search for the ASIN number. It is an Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is a unique queue serial number for the products of amazon. It is a bit of a hard task as it is a manual practice. You can only search an ASIN number at a time for a product’s click check. You can shortlist the negative keyword from the product which you do not want to see linked with your product.


Key Takeaways

Sometimes it happens that the negative keyword is relevant but it is not profitable, so all you have to do is add those search terms in the negative exact match to avoid future loss. Block similar keywords for future trouble.

The quicker you realize and utilize the negative keywords you can achieve your goal faster.

Amazon is providing tools and features to save your budget efficiently within super cool methods. All you have to do is practice these as fast as you can. Showing relevant ads to the audience via a negative keyword advertisement method is the defensive tool in amazon.

If you are totally bound on broad match and automatic campaign then this negative keyword for amazon advertisement is useless for you.

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