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Weave Asia: Fostering a culture of innovation at all levels

There is no doubt Weave Asia has become one of the most innovative SEO companies in Asia-Pacific in 2022. They help companies run their digital marketing campaigns & design SEO-optimized websites.

Weave Asia is a closely knitted team with about 20 members across their offices in Singapore and Malaysia. What started as a call to help fellow SMEs manifested into a mission to enable their community of creatives and business owners to be a force of good. Hence the importance of each individual in Weave Asia and what they bring collectively plays a crucial role in delivering quality results.

Weave Asia provide holistic digital marketing campaign strategy and execution for their clients. Services that they focus on: 


1. Search Engine Optimization

2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising- Search Engine Marketing

3. Social Media Management & Advertising

4. Website Design and Development


The company is currently building an SEO eco-system by creating content-driven websites like Seats Asia (a food blog and directory) and Spring Board (an online magazine for business owners) and featuring their customers on these websites.


Fostering a culture of innovation at all levels 

Weave Asia invests a lot in their people. Their assets are the people, and they spent a lot of time training and coaching them to think like a leader in their specialization and encourage each team member to be innovative in their approach to their methodology and work.  

A great example of their culture of innovation is their SEO department. They focus on automation, experimenting with the latest advanced Semantic SEO & Voice Search strategies, adopting a user-first content creation strategy for their content marketing efforts, etc.


They also closely monitor each Google Algorithm and make a point to discern what type of updates the Algorithm is making based on movement from their SEO clients’ database. With each Algorithm update, they created unique content that contains valuable information for the user and have a clean backlink profile to enhance ranking. 


A Visionary Leader at the front of SEO 

Wan Ting is the founder and CEO of Weave Asia. She manages

the Singapore office, and has more than ten years of experience in Digital



She won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award at the Business Excellence Forum & Awards 2019 (BEFA 2019).


During her career, she has helped more than 300 companies with their digital marketing strategies. She is an experienced Digital Marketing Trainer, having trained over 120 companies. She has managed a regional marketing & creative team and is a seasoned marketing campaign manager.


From a one-woman company to a huge growth

Weave Asia started as a one-woman company, and not surprisingly, the first pay cheque was just MYR500; today, the company scales the business to a team of almost twenty and crossed the one million revenue mark last year. 


They believe success comes from the early adoption of a strong company culture that emphasizes team bonding. A team that bonds well will go far in the long run.


Their culture is based on the thinking that “ If you take care of your

employees, they will take care of your customers, and your business will take care of itself.”


Following their company culture, they hired a wellness coach during Covid times to coach their team members on how to alleviate stress and maintain well-being. 


Going through rough times to become even bigger and stronger


During Covid-19, their major client stopped their marketing efforts and laid off half of their marketing team. Weave Asia was making a loss, but it persisted and turned it around a year later by identifying its profit-making department and scaling it up.


As they've been scaling, they engage various business coaches to help them build a strong team for the next growth phase. 


Wan Ting advises future leaders to keep going even when the going gets tough. "Think of your team during these difficult times, and you will find the strength to keep going. Focus on small wins and small achievements. It's always the small things that matter in the long run.


Put your team and customers first, always keep improving and think of how to be better, stronger, and better".








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