Top‌ ‌5‌ ‌Tips‌ ‌to‌ ‌Make‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Mobile‌ ‌Marketing‌ ‌Efforts‌ ‌Pay‌ ‌Off‌

Digital marketing has evolved tremendously in the past couple of years. Technology has also made incredible progress.


Back in 2007, the first iPhone was released. That was the time when the smartphone era began. When Android OS entered the market, and the war between Apple and Android started, some significant events happened in the world of mobile app development. That was the time when marketers came up with new ways to increase their conversion rates. 


In this article, we’ll share the five important tips on how to make your mobile marketing efforts worthwhile. 

1. Build an App Now

The phrase “there’s an app for that” was coined almost a decade ago. If you’re running a business and selling products online, and you don’t have an app to support that business, you should do something about that immediately. 


The number of online purchases is increasing daily. At the same time, mobile users account for 51.62% of all internet users in the US. According to those numbers, it’s clear that business owners need to make their products available for online purchase.  


Your web page, no matter how optimized it is, can never be as fast as an app on a user’s phone. Also, people love having apps that are useful to them. 


An app that’s annoying, pushing notifications all the time that have no value, will make users want to uninstall it. That can’t be good for your business. 


Some companies manage to develop apps that are used both for gaming and as a source of information. That’s a great marketing idea. When consumers use the app regularly, companies can turn that to their advantage to strengthen the bond with their customer base. That way, they can keep their users updated on the latest activities and inform them about new products and upcoming discounts.  


You don’t necessarily have to follow the same pattern. It’s still important, though, to have an app that will provide more than just an ordinary notification about a new product.

2. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices 

When you have a website, it’s of paramount importance that it’s mobile-friendly. According to estimates, 72% of people will use the internet on their smartphones to access the web by 2025. Therefore, it’s clear that businesses need to optimize their websites for mobile phones. 


Back in 2018, Google announced that the mobile page speed would be taken far more seriously when it comes to the mobile search ranking. To rank higher, websites need to load as fast as possible. 


Users are not in the mood to wait forever for a website to load. According to a Google study, 53% of users will leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. 


This information tells you just why optimizing your page to be as accessible as possible to your users is essential for your business. If you don’t have enough visitors to your site, your marketing efforts will be a complete waste of time. 

3. Pay Attention to Local SEO

Another important part of the SEO and marketing game is location. Thanks to mobile devices, shoppers can now make purchases anytime and anywhere. 


SEO specialists need to add the location of a business to the site so that the search engines find it relevant when users search for something near them. Seems confusing? It’s not! Here’s a simple example.


You own a shoe store in Austin, TX. A person who’s visiting Austin is searching for one to buy a new pair. Your name will pop up first on the results page if your website is optimized for local SEO. If not, your competition might beat you to it. 


Google is connected to every smartphone through the GPRS network that phones use. When people use a search engine, they share their location with the engine. This information helps the search engine find the best solution for the user. People who search for a shoe shop in Chicago, IL, will get completely different results. 

4. Take Advantage of the Social Media 

Social media and mobile marketing go hand in hand. They are a perfect match. The m-commerce statistics show that 51% of millennials would shop on social media if they saw something relevant. At the same time, the social commerce that was worth $22 billion last year is expected to reach $84 billion by 2024. These numbers tell you how many sales come from social media directly.


Marketers should see social media as a valuable medium where they can present their ads. With platforms having billions of users, it’s an opportunity that no one should miss. Facebook is still the largest among them, with 2.5 billion active users per month. But people are slowly migrating from Facebook to other platforms.


Think of WhatsApp, Messenger, TikTok, Instagram, and others that, in the future, will be even more popular. They all have different rules, and different strategies are needed for promoting one’s campaigns there. Why is this important? Well, it’s very difficult to use TikTok on a desktop computer. It’s the same with Instagram and many others.


People use them only on their smartphones, and if we look at the numbers, it’s clear that taking advantage of them is more than important. TikTok has 500 million active monthly users, and Instagram has 500 million users daily. 


TikTok and Instagram marketing can be a game-changer for your business. 

5. Optimize for Voice Search

Voice search has gained momentum in the past couple of years. Just like smartphones are a part of our everyday life, so is voice search becoming a thing. 


Over 200 million smart speakers have been sold globally. Smart speakers use voice recognition to meet the needs of their users. Also, voice search is a vital part of the advancing IoT technology—internet-connected devices capable of working without human interaction.


IoT and voice search are important because they change the approach to SEO and marketing strategies. Instead of typing, people are using the voice assistant to ask questions and search for the things they need. Some 55% of teenagers use this option daily, which means that you should keep voice search in mind when it comes to your mobile marketing efforts. 


The five tips mentioned above will yield results without a doubt. If you want to do more, you’ll need to spend some time analyzing and researching data connected with the specific industry you’re working in. Still, don’t forget these few points—they are essential for your success.

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