The Top 4 PPC Strategies for B2B Business in 2021

Companies often get stuck with repeating the same PPC program for their B2B business. They simply monitor their paid search campaigns and optimize them as and when required. Business owners may wonder why they need to change the program if everything seems to be working well with this model. However, following the same routine continuously might make them ignorant of what they are missing.


There is no denying that a lot has changed over the past year, and that’s putting it mildly. There have been drastic transformations that have impacted almost every business and industry in the world. These transformations have also resulted in a lot of changes in the digital advertisement networks since almost every business is reliant on online marketing these days.


That is why many business owners, consultants, and professional advisors are getting coached by web strategy planners these days to achieve better outputs. Companies like Blue Wire Media can help business leaders and digital marketing experts grow their database of qualified leads.


They also teach how to convert those leads into high-value clients. In fact, they can help any business or professionals facing troubles with their digital marketing systems.


So if you have been using the same PPC tactics for the last few, this is the perfect time to try something new. Here are our top picks that you can use for your new campaigns. Alternatively, you can also consult experts like Blue Wire Media for more advice.

Call Recording

Recording calls from existing and potential customers can give you more insights than you can imagine. It is especially useful if you offer products or services that are pricy, complicated, or sensitive. Prospective customers would probably want to have a conversation with you before they purchase or convert online. So make sure they can use the call extensions on your PPC ads to contact you.


But what happens after you get a call from your probable consumers? You can see how many calls you have received on the call duration for each of them on Google ads. But you cannot get any actionable insight from these figures or understand if they led to a sale or not.


That is why you should implement a third-party call recording system so that Google ads will have an option to record those calls within the Google ecosystem. You can see the call details like area code or duration and listen to the call recording to get valuable and actionable insight. You will be able to understand what you could have done better for the missed opportunities and make the necessary adjustments to your strategies.

Audience Targeting

You might be focusing on targeting strategies using keywords only for your PPC advertisements. It seems to be the easiest and most popular way, and most business owners do not want to change them since they are working. But what if we tell you that you could achieve a lot more by going beyond targeting only keywords?


Audience targeting should be the first option you should consider. Considering the requirements of your target audience and combining them with keywords can become a powerful tool for PPC strategies. You can also test these strategies if you do not feel ready to take the risk immediately.


We would suggest you do not limit yourself to the obviously relevant target audience groups. Instead, try to focus on groups that are semi-relevant or even a long shot. You can add these audience groups in your test or observation models and evaluate the results.


Thereby, you can increase your bid by about 10% if you see promising results. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised by the outcomes of targeting semi-relevant and long-shot audience groups. You may have to run a few combinations with relevant keywords to find the ones that work best for your business.

Customer Match and Remarketing

Customer Match and remarketing are excellent strategies that you can explore in 2021. But sometimes, digital marketers and advertisers tend to get confused between the two. Remarketing is a way to put your PPC ads in front of consumers who may have already visited your site or product pages.


On the other hand, Customer Match allows you to utilize your existing consumer database to reach out to potential customers using certain networks, such as Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, Shopping Tab, etc.


You can use both remarketing and Customer Match for video search and display networks and notice successful results. Some advertisers find better results with Customer Match than Remarketing so you can start with that first.

Dynamic Search Ads

You can use Dynamic Search ads to target consumers looking for products or services you offer through your website content. You can also use them to close any gaps that may exist in your keyword targeting campaigns.


You can choose the landing pages or categories of web pages so that Google can use them to generate Dynamic Search ads for your business. But you need to ensure that the pages you choose are content-rich and do not get updated frequently.


You will notice that Google does an amazing job while creating longtail keywords for targeting Dynamic Search ads, so they can quickly become the top-performing ad type for your business. However, we would suggest that you test this method as well before you invest in it.


As you can see, there are plenty of new things to try in PPC other than sticking to keyword targeting. Try these new methods so you do not miss out on opportunities for your business. If you do not feel confident about investing in them right away, at least try using them in observation mode, and you will get promising results.

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