Smaller SEO Strategies to Avoid the Overused Ones

One of the problems that affect the SEO industry is the lemming effect. Essentially, when a new approach is found to be working, then it is quickly adopted by the industry and then gets massively overused. Just like when investors pile into a certain stock until it’s overvalued and everyone else got in after the run-up in stock price, similarly, people late to the SEO party may get short-changed.

Therefore, it’s useful to consider smaller SEO strategies that aim to either tweak the approach to make it more successful or try new ones that haven’t gained much traction yet.

Linking Building Through Relationship Building

The nature of obtaining backlinks to improve search ranking typically involves providing something of little value and asking for a link that offers considerable value. The benefit is strongly in favor of the link builder and provides little incentive to the website expected to provide the link. As a result, increasingly, backlinks are only offered in exchange for funds due to the poor value exchange.  

By creating genuine relationships with industry leaders, website owners, and editors, it’s possible to develop a friendly association. Many good things can come from the goodwill being shared, especially when genuine offers are made to assist them when in need.

As a result, natural opportunities to write a guest post or contribute in other ways come from the relationship without needing to necessarily ask for the link.

Research to Provide Something Unique

The word unique is often used incorrectly. It means “one of a kind” – i.e., there’s only one in the universe like it. Therefore, something cannot be: “Very unique,” “kind of unique,” etc.

The distinction may appear to be semantics, but it has relevance when it comes to research. Many companies provide similar information online. They don’t put the time or money into research to discover new facts or derive new data to back up their points. This leaves them always playing “Follow the Leader” rather than leading from the front.

By providing information that’s not available elsewhere, companies can separate themselves from the pack. Doing so gathers backlinks and stimulates conversions where the company is mentioned as the originator of the idea or findings. It requires more time, but the quality of the backlinks makes it worthwhile.

Give Them a Valid Reason

When there’s a high-quality piece of sharable content, it does half the marketing for you.

Unfortunately, what’s easy to rank in Google and published product reviews do little to incentivize people to share this content. As a result, link-building efforts, and improvements to ranking that might have come from a high share count, fall flat.

Content produced expressly to be more shareable should be the goal. Seeking out an agency that continually works on social media and understands SEO provides a solid vantage point for this strategy. To learn more about getting shareable content to boost your SEO profile and other digital marketing solutions, check out this article on

Not every SEO strategy is worth pursuing now. The often-overused ones deliver a lower ROI. It’s necessary to get creative to still obtain satisfying results from SEO campaigns. Then let the results speak for themselves.

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