Six Fundamental SEO Ranking Factors You Need to Know

SEO strategies changes day by day it’s because everyone wants to meet Google requirements to rank on search results. If you want to do so, you should know Google's latest SEO policies updates which keep on changing after months.

If your site is well optimized it worth as you’ll receive more traffic that will lead to more sales. If you are not serious in SEO your site will not be visible in Google Search result so all your hard work which you have done in maintaining your website will have no result.

This article is all about some fundamentals SEO ranking factors if these are practiced you’ll be the direct beneficiary as you’ll be ranked in google search results and will have traffic on your site.


1. Content Worth

Worthy content on your site is a major factor to rank on the search engine. There are many examples in which the site is fully SEO optimized but due to its plagiarized content, it won’t be in the top search result.

It is seen that longer content is mostly rank before the short content so while uploading your content make sure it is plagiarism-free which can be checked by and make your content that much worthy that search engine ranks it over the different query.


For example

If someone searches for Top Fashion Design the search engine will prefer results like Top 20 best fashion tips over 5 fashion tips or summer fashion tips content.

Content structure is also important, your content should be SEO friendly which includes short paragraph over headings this help user to navigate easily even if the content is above 2000 words.


3. Definition of Meta

Meta definitions have been an important optimization factor since the early days of SEO.

Meta-descriptions, meta-tags, also shown in the SERPs under the title of the article that explains what the website is about.

Although Google insists that Meta descriptions do not lead to rankings, indirect characteristics of better descriptions support

The right optimization of the Meta representation will help to improve:

  • The click rates (CTR). Click rate.
  • The quality of the result is perceived.
  • Perception of all the updates provided by the website.


4. Mobile Friendly

Though mobile is another significant element in the SEO rating, user-friendliness. In order to navigate the internet, more users than desktops use mobile devices, which is one reason why Google rates search results for updates.

The mobile-first index of Google is now a fact, meaning that it derives its data first from web-optimized pages rather than from desktop-oriented sites. You risk being undervalued if the website is not mobile-optimized.

Many of the SEO ranking factors we are addressing in this article will help you establish the foundations for a good search engine ranking.

Items to remember include:

  • Have a dynamic platform that changes size to the user automatically
  • Using big fonts on a small screen for easy readability.
  • Have menus that you can use for quick navigation on your web.
  • Make sure important content is not covered by ads

You would want to look at Google AMP (accelerated web pages) if you have the squad, resources, and money. The drawback is that the pages load from mobile devices almost instantly. Rumors have also found that Google is higher in rankings than some when constructing AMP locations.

The downside is that you need to make a separate AMP-guideline version of your web. Then you have to carry it all. This may be a time-consuming effort, as you might expect.

Nevertheless, you have to make confident that your website is 100% designed for mobile apps, whether you want to try Google AMP or not.


5. Backlinks

Having backlinks from other sites is very beneficial in listing in the top 10 results of Google Search Result. These backlinks are known as a vote by another website in your favor, Google and Bing rank that website which has more backlinks however many people use the Online Backlink Maker tool to build their backlinks. The backlink maker tool on is being recognized for high authority bulk backlink generation.


6. Loading Site Speed

The loading speed of your site is a very important factor for ranking.

(In particular how fast your page loads to mobile devices)

Google also came out and claimed: "page speed is a rating consideration for smartphone searches."

Google has indicated that the rate of the site is one of the signals utilized by its page ranking algorithm. Low page speed guarantees that search engines can crawl fewer pages with their allotted crawl budget. Longer load instances have additionally been shown to adversely affect conversions.

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