SEO Trends – What They Mean and Their Impact on Your Business Future

Are you aware of the metrics that can boost your SEO performance?


More than 80% of the online user-listed products depend solely on organic traffic. A business ignoring paid listings in this era can be catastrophic.


Data suggests that approx. 30% of the searches of organic listings without a paid listing convert to purchase. Is a plan including the parameters like social shares, backlinks, and traffic effective to score high on SEO performance?


Let us take a look at the SEO trends, which can help you optimize and create a more relevant SEO strategy for your target audience.


Is Long-Form Content the Way Forward?

An article with 3000+ words gets 3 to 4 times more traffic and shares compared to one with 900-1200 words.


A long article gives you the option to put more backlinks (approx. 3.5 to 4 times more). So you may consider long-form content for achieving higher search rankings. Maintaining high-quality content is of course the precursor to making it shareable-worthy for the users.


How do you keep your users hooked on long-form content? You may break the content into different sections and add sub-headings (namely H2, H3) to make it easy for the readers to comprehend. It also eases viewing for mobile sites.


You may use appropriate authoritative links to increase relevance. You may place links to all your digital handles near the content for easy sharing. You may place the links at both the beginning and end of the article.


Predictive Searches

AI is aiding a change in the way we search or consume content online. In 2017, the launch of Google Discover led to a change in the known search processes.


Discover, with the help of an AI algorithm gave birth to a new search that doesn’t need a user query anymore. The tool can identify and learn the behavioral habits and patterns of the users and recommend content. It increases the accuracy of content recommendations.


Are you wondering how your content can appear on Discover?


If Google indexes your page, it will appear automatically. The content ranking may be basis:


  • User Interest
  • Quality
  • Browsing History
  • Location history
  • Search history
  • Calendars
  • Home and work locations
  • App usage.


You can keep in mind the above factors, though not exhaustive. But, if you find it difficult to create content that can cover all the above, you can reach out to ForgetAD. They can help you with insights to design the content that matches all the right boxes for a user as well as the search engine.


Vocal For Local

Local SEO is crucial for your business. Most of us often end up searching for products and services that are available in the vicinity.


The rise of zero-click searches is helping the local SEO to evolve. The users’ query gets answered via search engine result page or SERP in a zero-click search. It bars the user to navigate through the rest of the ranked results.


‘Featured Snippets’ tool has led to the increase of zero-click searches. A ‘local pack’ consisting of the local zero-click search results appears on the SERP. You can also make your business part of it, by creating a Google My Business page.


Video - a necessary content?

YouTube is one of the most opted search engines, second only to its parent Google. There are more than 2 billion users on YouTube. If you do not have a video in your content, it is high time that you include one at the earliest.


Video optimization includes putting the apt keywords in the URLs, title, and description of the video. The descriptors should have a user-friendly overview. You should avoid cramming them with keywords.


The description should have the details of your channel and the video content. Optimization of the name of the channel is critical.


You may use the auto-complete feature to fill in the details of the content. This way you will get to understand the essential list of suggested keywords. These keywords mostly comprise the searches that people are doing on the YouTube platform.


Hence to make use of the prevailing SEO trends, create long-form content. The content should have more than three authoritative links with high authority scores. If your content is interesting, a higher number of sites will help you with backlinks, thereby helping you improve your search rank on the SERP.


Video is a crucial visual content that is on the rise. You may create video content with optimized video and on topical content. It can help you generate more traffic and increase your relevance to the target audience. You can also make use of the local SEO to capitalize on the local demand.

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