Search Engine Optimization: When and How Can You Improve Your New Page Rank?

Once your page is up, the next step is generally SEO or Search Engine Optimization.


SEO is a crucial tool to help businesses improve visibility on the search engine result pages or SERP. The site owners have known this part of the equation for some time now. But when can one expect SEO to bear results for a page? Does SEO guarantee a higher page rank on the SERP? This is the grey area.


The better the rank on the SERP, the higher are the chances of your site getting traction. Google suggests that its engine does not guarantee any time frame. However, various ways can ensure that the ranking in Google Search does not take longer than it has to.


Google Indexing

Once the Google Crawler or Googlebot visits a page, it gets indexed. Google analyzes the page for content, and it stores the content in the Google Index. The indexed pages can show up in the Google Search Results. A page, with blocked access, can also get indexed by Google, but generally, crawling precedes all indexing.


The things the site owners do can expedite the crawling and indexing of their new page. It means the implementation of the SEO functions as early as possible.


Once a new page is published, indexing may take from a few hours to weeks. Content quality may turn out to be a determinant of the time required for indexing. Good content may get indexed within a few weeks. Though, a lag may be the result of a technical glitch on the web, or the systems of Google engaging in some other activity.


Ways to Speed Up Crawling & Indexing

There are a few things to keep in mind to hasten the process of crawling and indexing. Site owners may maintain these and speed up the procedure.


Avoid Server Overload

When a server fails to handle incoming requests because of exhausting its resources, it overloads. You should make sure to opt for a server that can timely respond to queries and can handle a reasonable number of requests. With the server slowing down, the search engine also slows down.


A host of factors can lead to a slow server response time or SRT. SRT accounts for the time between a request by a web client and the server responding to the request.


A good server response time and optimized site speed ensure your site loads instantly. The absence may lead to a longer load time and a bad user experience, leading to low search engine rankings.


Notable Internal Links

It is crucial to link the internal pages to your website prominently. If you allow Google to easily identify the pages that you think are important, the chances are they will be easier to crawl and index.


Creating too many layers to reach a new product is not advisable. If you place the links to the new product on the homepage, then Google does not have to crawl through several categories to locate it.


For example, say you are a sports goods supplier in Dallas. You have a website to showcase your products. You have a new addition to the baseball range, and you want to direct the traffic to it. Place the link to the new range in the home section, and it will help Google to easily crawl and index your product.


However, if you are yet to optimize your website for SERP, then you should look for top-rated SEO services for local businesses in your area. As for the above example, if you are in the Dallas area, you may opt for the services of a local agency like E67 Agency.


Avoid Unnecessary Site URLs

If your website contains URLs that are no longer in use, clean up and remove them immediately.


The presence of such URLs may bog down the search engines. Their attempt to figure out such URLs leads to no result. It may lead to overlooking the ones that you think are important or care about.


Maintain a High-Quality Website

 The site owners should make their sites in a way that it is easy for Google to recognize that the site is critical to the users. The search engine can then prioritize the website for crawling and indexing.


A lot of aspects need to be under consideration for making a new page visible on Google Search. There is no fixed timeline for any of the above steps, and they may change over time. The indexing takes into consideration the above technical aspects, but one should not miss the quality of the website.


No search engine guarantees a fixed set of do's and don'ts to increase the page rank on the SERPs.

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