Online Business Marketing Through Search Engine Optimization - Future Scope and Risk Mitigation

Search engine optimization or SEO has been evolving over the years. It can help you increase the efficiency of your online marketing campaign and bear better results for you. If you have your business presence online and compare historic data, you will see you have hardly made use of SEO.


The impact of SEO on business is profound. Though staying on top of every latest upgrade and change that comes out is a challenging task, knowing them can help propel growth.


AI Is the Future?

Artificial Intelligence has been changing our way of life across different spheres. Our interactions on the Internet with online content are also changing because of AI. A special mention for Google’s AI algorithm, RankBrain, is creating repels in space.


The AI algorithm helps Google rank search results for SERPs or search engine results pages.


So, what do you have to do to optimize for RankBrain? The primary determinant can be the user experience. Factors like time spent on the page by a user to the click-through rate may contribute to it.


You need to use content that is engaging and captivating your readers with well-organized and useful content. Basis backlinks, readability, and more, EZlocal Hero can help you access your page strength. They can help you adapt to the new tool and improve your page user experience which in turn will improve your rank on SERPs.


Are You Mobile-Friendly Yet?

By the year 2025, more than 70% of the users will access the Internet only on mobile devices. You should check your website’s mobile adaptability and take steps to make it more efficient and effective on mobile.


2019 saw a big shift in the indexing services of Google. A mobile-first indexing launch by Google meant that the search engine will look at the mobile site as the ‘primary’ version instead of the desktop site.


You can avoid ‘disallow directive’, to allow Google to access your URLs. It will ensure a user-friendly experience. Googlebot will not load content that requires user interactions (like swiping or clicking).


Voice Will Lead Searches

If you have been using Siri or Alexa to help you with your daily chores, you already know the importance of voice searches.


With advancements in technology, voice search assistants have improved and gained a lot of traction and popularity. Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa have made voice searches ease our daily activities.


If you want to optimize your content for voice searches, put emphasis on keywords. Longer phrases that are part of our daily conversations do well in voice searches. You may identify these natural-sounding phrases to perform better.


Google EAT Paving the Path

If you are unaware of Google EAT, you should know it stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.


Google uses this principle to determine whether a web page has useful quality content or not. If you are in the business domains of healthcare and finance, then this principle is especially relevant for you.


To ensure quality, you may opt for a few ways like:


  • Understand what kind of content is relevant for your target clients by creating buyer personas
  • Map the consumer journey by conducting search intent research
  • Create content in the format your users prefer, using the above information
  • Craft your content keeping EAT in mind


Use authoritative links to back up the information that you put up on the site.


Make Way for Featured Snippets!

2017 marked the change or shift in content strategy for websites. The days of long-term content generation to improve Google rankings have taken a back seat. Google launching ‘Featured Snippets’ as a shortcut tool to gain prominence on the search engine changed the game.


When you search on Google, a box pops up at the top above the results, that is a snippet.


Featured Snippets have features like:


  • It helps get a spot on the first page of search results
  • It gives you a chance to steal traffic from your competition
  • It may come as brief bullet points, q&a, or how-to-guide
  • Rich snippets may include star-based reviews, images, product prices, .etc.


So create content that is AI-friendly. Understand the various tools of Google well, they can act as facilitators for your business and propel growth. You may use high-quality content with keywords that match search trends and your target user intent. Make your content be voice search-friendly.


Be mobile-friendly, as there lies the future. Design your website keeping in mind that your target audience will access it from mobile devices.

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