Best Digital Marketing Companies of 2022

Winners Announced

Momentum: Fueling Growth for Industrial Brands

Momentum was named one of the Most Innovative SEO companies in the USA in 2022 with their bolt-on industrial marketing services that no other companies can beat.

Momentum is a digital marketing agency that specializes in working with manufacturers and industrial companies. Since 2010, Momentum has helped over 200 businesses improve their online presence through professional website design, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising.

Specialization is what makes Momentum so strong

Momentum is unique due to our drive and specialization. Staying up to date with the industry helps us work with our clients to get their manufacturing product or service the attention needed. We are members of several organizations in Michigan all dedicated to manufacturing whether that be aerospace, automotive, or all around industrial. All of this combined gives us the knowledge to stay ahead of the competition and provide the best product possible.

Reaping the awards for their expertise

Momentum is recognized in several different ways. We have recently been awarded with Best SEO Agencies in Warren. Momentum is a Google partner and we have been nominated for many rewards such as the Macomb Business Awards in 2022. Our clients gain value through our industry expertise and being able to use that to help their own business grow.

Incredible opportunities on the horizon

The manufacturing industry is recovering from the pandemic though they have still seen their fair share of hurdles to conquer such as increased supplier costs and troubles finding new employees. However, the industry is only going to grow and Momentum is no different. From career websites to powerful search engine advertisements, there are many incredible opportunities on the horizon.

Momentum has recently released new web design and digital marketing plans designed for companies in the manufacturing industry. Also, we have introduced new introductory prices to allow start-ups and small businesses to take advantage of our marketing solutions that allow us to grow together. Lastly, Momentum has released a new web design solution to help more manufacturing companies build their business and grow their brand.

Fostering a working environment that leads to continuous growth and improvement

Our biggest achievement as a company has been creating an environment for our employees that fosters continuous growth and improvement. Every year we do more to make Momentum a rewarding company to work for. We are proud of the compensation and benefits package we are able to provide for our employees, which has led to a higher retention rate. This in turn allows our clients to receive better service and attention.

The vision

Since being a start-up in 2010, Momentum has worked together as a team on a united vision that allowed everyone to have new opportunities and challenge themselves every day. The customer is always put first, allowing them to get the best service possible. By putting the trust in our employees, we allow them to take on more responsibilities in an environment that encourages them to take more risks without fear of failing.

Paving the way toward building a unique marketing solution for an industry that needed something new

Starting out, the CEO Jimi Plouffe wore many hats from website design, project management, sales and even finance. The goal was always growth. Immediately he began to work towards an organization with employees he trusted to take over many of the roles he was juggling. This allowed him to pave the way towards building a unique marketing solution for an industry that was in need of something new. With a focus on the manufacturing industry, the solution was to make marketing straightforward.

Advice to future leaders who want to make it big in the market

The most important thing is to keep things simple, find people you trust and can delegate to, and create a process that you can follow. Find a niche you can specialize in that allows you to be able to connect with your customer.

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