The Importance of Google Local 3-Pack for Your Local Business

Every business needs to appear on Google’s local search, irrespective of whether it is a brick-and-mortar shop or online retailer. It helps in driving customers from the nearby areas to the store or the website.


Google aims to provide the most relevant search results for users, which is why they keep tweaking their algorithms and display methods. While it is great for users, local business owners face a hard time keeping up with the latest updates and adjusting their SEO strategies. The Google local 3-pack is one such update that is here to stay.

What Is the Google Local 3-Pack?

If you type “SEO in Adelaide” on Google right now, it will display a list of digital marketing agencies that provide SEO services in the area. According to Google, these companies can help you to optimize your business and beat your competitors through SEO in Adelaide.


Based on your exact geographical location, you will be presented with a list of three companies that are closest to you and can provide the best possible SEO services. The list is displayed at the top of the page and is always accompanied by a map.


Google used to show seven local companies on the list before it changed it to 3-pack. The 7-pack system allowed more local businesses a chance to squeeze into the top search results. However, Google’s decision to show the top three results is probably an effort to match desktop and mobile searchers.


Even though the top three search results keep changing depending on the user’s location, businesses have to put in more SEO efforts to perform well organically. Users also have the option to expand the list by clicking on the “More Places” option that appears below the top three results. That means local businesses still have the chance to appear on the top search result list even if they miss the top three positions.

How Does Google Local 3-Pack Influence Your Company?

Your customers will probably not see your company immediately if your business appeared in the 4th to 7th position on the search listing. Several business owners have noticed a reduction in the web traffic and phone calls generated by the Google business listing because they no longer appear on the top search results for local queries.


But some business owners also mentioned that despite the reduction in traffic, the quality of leads and inquiries generated from searches has improved significantly.


One of the reasons can be because Google has removed the phone numbers on the search listing, so users will have to expand the “Most Places” option to see the phone number. However, there is a call button next to the business listing on the local 3-pack as well as the expanded list.

How to Optimize Your Local SEO Strategy for Local 3-Pack?

These are some of the recommended actions to ensure that your business appears on search results in your area.

Update Your Google My Business Page

Google takes most of your business details from your Google My Business page. So if you have not claimed your business listing, make sure you do that immediately. If you have a Google My Business listing already, you can update it with your current information. These are some of the points you should remember while updating your page.

  • Insert a long and unique description for your business that includes links to your website, LinkedIn page, and social media pages.
  • Upload as many photographs of your business premises, products, teams, and other aspects as you can.
  • Add a local phone number
  • Make sure that your business address matches that on your website and other directories.

Get Positive Reviews on Google

Google may have removed the phone number from search results, but the star rating and reviews remain on the searches. So if you want your business to appear on the top three results, you should have a lot of good reviews on your Google page. Reviews on other directories can also affect your search ranking. For example, yelp ratings can affect business ranking on Apple maps.

Check Your Operational Hours

Every local business listing includes the opening and closing time so customers can see the business is open or not. Make sure that your hours of operation are correctly mentioned on your Google my business page. Inaccurate information can lead to customer dissatisfaction, mistrust, and loss of search ranking.

Mention COVID-19 Precautions

Google has provided an option to specify the precautions you are taking with regards to the ongoing pandemic. These specifications are not only useful to attract customers, but they also affect local searches. For example, if a user is looking for local restaurants, Google will prioritize the outlets that have taken adequate sanitation measures.

Improve on-Page SEO

Your local SEO efforts on your website will also affect your search ranking, so make sure that you optimize them. Apart from the usual SEO techniques, you can add a Google map on the relevant webpage to aid local SEO. You can also add local backlinks directories, local newspapers, local blogs, and other sources in your area.


Remember that Google local 3-pack is aimed at improving user experience. Therefore, you should adjust your local SEO efforts to match Google’s objective. Your business listing should appear on the top three results for local searches as long as you optimize your business page and website for the users.

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