How can you check the DA and PA of your website easily?

Authority can be measured by several different and specific ways via both direct or indirect methods, such as "PageRank" is one of the well-known algorithms created by Google’s Larry Page, used to measure quality as well as the authority of a particular website in terms of number, quality, and relevance of the link attached to it.

Domain authority DA and page authority PA are two significant terms in ranking the search engine results. These are developed by Moz same as MozRank and MozTrust, a well-known, reputable digital company that allows companies software to control their SEO and foretells how well a page will rank in search engine results. Before going to check the DA and PA scores of your website, it's important to know what they are and how they can be checked.


Domain authority and ways to improve it

Domain authority describes the authoritative power of a whole domain. Domain authority offers a few flexibilities in terms of the multiple ways for example where, and when you created this content and the information about the attached links to it. It also holds wider consequences (site-wide). Another aspect is the quantity of hard work and time it takes to boom – a long way greater than page authority.  It's almost impossible to improve your website’s domain authority suddenly in just blink but there are a number of ways to increase domain authority. Below are some points to improve your position over time.


❖     Starting from the name, it is essential to pick a nice name that must be relevant to your website.

❖     Optimizing the on-page content can also help. SEO not only has a greater impact on your domain authority but is also for Google search engine ranking. Making sure of your page optimization such as title tags, meta description, and content also play a role in improving domain authority of a website.

❖     You should create high-quality content so that it is often linked to another site. This will make your contact linkable. The more you provide links to other sites, the more chances of improving your domain authority score.

❖     You should take a look at your website once in a while, and if you find any link that can harm your website instead of improving it, immediately take appropriate action against it and remove it.

❖     No one has time to wait for a website to load. Your website shouldn't have a horrible speed to annoy its users.

❖     Promoting your content through social media plays a key role to improve your domain authority easily.


Page authority and ways to improve it

Page authority describes the authoritative power of only one page on that domain. Page authority provides you with a few important advantages such as if you have extraordinary content or a page that you want to highlight or coexist in search engine rankings, you may work on its page authority to give it an extra push. Just like domain authority, page authority can also be improved by following the given tactics

❖     You should set up a page on a domain with strong authority.

❖     Make sure that the content material of your preferred web page is exceedingly precise, relevant, and authentic.

❖     Ensure your web page is absolutely useful and optimized for SEO.

❖     Internal linking to and from the website’s page should be noted immediately.

❖     Any bad links that can be harmful to your website should be eliminated.

❖     Earn an abundance of terrific inbound hyperlinks, both in terms of outside source authority and link relevance.


Page authority can help improving domain authority

The key points to improve page authority are almost similar to the domain authority.

Both domains are linked together in such a way that if you build more links to your individual page, it can help you by improving the domain authority of your website. And improved domain authority will automatically increase the page authority of individual pages of that particular website.


How to find out the DA and PA score of your website?

Both for DA and PA the score ranges from one to a hundred, which is calculated algorithmically on a scale with 1 the lowest score and one hundred the highest. It means the higher the DA or PA, the extra the potential of the website to rank in SERPs.

It has become very easy to check domain authority and page authority to maintain a good quality of your websites. Here are some free tools that can help you do so.

MOZ da pa checker

In the beginning, it was developed by Moz, it is one of the easiest and authentic da pa checkers. An open simple device that is ranked as a primary tool for da and pa check.

It has a four-step method that permits you to get entry to the capabilities of this effective tool which is also known as Moz link Explorer. All you need to do is go to its platform and submit the URL of the website you want to perform a DA or PA check on. The subsequent step is to create a Moz account that might require you to provide your working mail id after which on receiving the notification, you can continue further and, in the end, will be capable to get entered to the functions of this pa da checker tool. In all the Moz domain authority checker is a pleasant da pa checker.


Prepostseo DA PA checker

Prepostseo DA PA score checker is a unique and more reliable tool because it permits you to check 500 URLs at one time. After that, you can sort out the outcomes easily. This free tool can check hundreds of websites daily. Additionally, after completing your work, you can download the report as well.


Searchenginereports da pa checker

Checking domain authority scores through this bulk domain authority checker tool is not only easy but also it takes no time to check domain authority of ten websites simultaneously. URL of the particular website should be pasted in the given box and hit the enter button. The results will be in front of you in seconds.


Trafficora da pa checker

This tool is designated to check da pa of more than 50 websites at the same time. Along with that, it will demonstrate the Moz Rank, link equity, page authority, IP address of your competitor’s website, and much more. It also gives you an option to export the results once the process is completed.


Linkskorner da pa checker

It is yet another free tool to check the da pa of websites. It is a great recommendation as it determines the strength of a particular page or a domain that can help to rank well in search engine results.  The tool is completely free, reliable, and handy.


The bottom lines

All the tools discussed work well for checking the domain and page authority. But as Moz developed the area authority metric for checking the score of different websites so it is broadly popular nowadays.

Whichever tool you use, the content of the website plays a significant role in the score of domain authority. We already have mentioned the ways to improve the da and pa therefore, patience, hard work, and taking care of your content is needed for better rank in search engine results.

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