How to Boost PPC ROI with Call Tracking & Conversation Intelligence

In business, there are no better ways to advertise. Whatever strategy you pursue, you have to ensure that you define what matters most for your business’s success. This is paramount. 


Many businesses track only the conversations of customers. However, the ability to track the performance and cost will give you excellent insights on ways to maximize your budget.


A great way to ascertain your most successful marketing efforts is to implement call tracking. It helps advertisers to know which of their many campaigns produce leads. And this will help approve more budgets to channels that produce more excellent sales opportunities.  Our article highlights various ways your business can grow through call tracking. To learn more about this, keep reading.


Five Ways of Boosting PPC ROI with Call Tracking and Conversation Intelligence


1. Focus on Origins that Increase Opportunities

To know if your offline and online advertising labors are generating leads, you need proof. You want to track everything - from direct mail to PPC, a business card, or billboard - to make sure that you have the correct data to calculate performance.  


Doing this will also help you determine which channel should obtain the most and least on your ad spend. 


You want to plunge your phone calls to Facebook Ads, Google Ads, HubSpot, Microsoft Ads, and more. Some call tracking solutions offer you details on your per-per-click calls to the source you desire as conversations.


Call tracking provides total visibility to companies who rely on standard inbound leads to enlarge. You want to take advantage of this means.  


2. Research New Keywords

Call tracking helps advertisers to uncover new keywords that have the possibility to captivate prospects. 


When you integrate call tracking software into your website, you will utilize visitor-level call tracking. With visitor call tracking, whenever a visitor visits your website, the system allocates to them a phone number from your website pool.


Their number for tracking is slipped into your website, and the visitor will see the phone number the whole time. 


When calls are forwarded to your business phone, they enter your number with session information such as where they are from before calling you. This is because every phone number is dedicated to one visitor at a time. You have the option of linking calls straight to individual visitors and get awareness from call analytics.


3. Erase Blind Spots in Your Marketing

For businesses that attach value to efficiency, the capacity of specific call tracking solutions to assign leads according to the source is essential. 


It does not matter how a customer contacted you. What matters is the efforts that were used to acquiring the customer. 


Gain access to an entire view of all the touchpoints in the journey of the buyer, alongside reporting that provides accurate attribution to each keyword, channel, ad, or campaign. This will help you know precisely what is working and what is not working. 

4. Enhance Customer Experience 

With the use of conversation intelligence, you will be able to ensure that your business is furnished with driving quality discussions with your customers and prospects once your phone rings. 


An excellent way to do this is by reading call transcripts. anticipation and customers. 


5. Google Call Tracking Isn’t Sufficient

An excellent start for PPC campaigns is Google call tracking. However, it is not efficient mostly for companies driving phone calls from other platforms other than Google Ads. 


You can go past Google call tracking if you need to do the following:


* Own your numbers

* Track from above Google Ads

* Get a solution that is simple to install

* Get abundant call details. 



If you are not tracking inbound calls to your business, you might be missing out on something valuable that could help your business. I have provided ways of boosting PPC ROI with call tracking and conversation intelligence: focusing on origins that increase opportunities, going beyond Google’s call tracking, getting rid of blind spots, researching keywords, and improving customer experience. I hope that my article has provided you with the information you need.

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