Can SEO Data Analytics Help You Mitigate the Future Business Risk?

Making businesses aware of the function of digital marketing to formulate risk mitigation strategies is the most critical task of this era's marketers.

The pertinent question links up to human psychology - How can we comprehend something that we do not know? Relying only on logic makes it a tough choice.

SEOs with their numerous tools like keywords, backlinks, or content topics can help identify the opportunities and gaps and help mitigate business losses. Leveraging these in the correct proposition can help propel the business.


Targeting Right Keywords

You have already mapped the relevant keywords to rank your page. But you still don’t see your web page appearing on the SERP or search engine result page. The best way to do this is to run a keyword gap analysis using Google Search Console (GSC).


You will need to link your Google Search Console with Google Analytics. The queries tab under Acquisition will help you see the search terms people have used to reach you. It will also show the impressions, clicks, and click-through rates for those queries.


The percentage difference between the keyword searches leading to site visits and impressions will help identify the improvement areas.


For example, say you are in Manchester, a city known for its musical pedigree. The city is the hub of the thriving music scene and also of football. So, it drives people from all across the UK. If you have a media and marketing consulting agency that caters to the music bands and brands associated with football, you have to optimize your keywords for local searches.


You may improve your page’s keyword mapping by checking them using the above process and improve your page’s rank on the SERP. Aiming for a zero-rank and achieving it is possible if you optimize pages as per the SERP features like local packs and local teaser packs together with the above.


These may help you get your page into the ‘featured snippet’ section of Google. You can also look for a Manchester SEO company to help you take care of on-page SEO, online marketing services, online reputation management, and to create high-quality links to the pages on your site.


Covering the Right Contents

If you are already doing SEO for a considerable time, you know that writing today’s content is not with keywords alone. Content has to focus on actual topics, and keywords may act as an identifier for Google. Matching the content with the search intent of people can fetch you better results.


You may have a lower rank today for a particular query as your competition is already pursuing the above. Using the previous example, content relevant to the Manchester music scene may help you fetch a better result than just using the content of your choice.


For instance, say you are writing a blog post about the benefits of the services of a brand and marketing consultant when you have not even mentioned the need for a consultant. So people who are not otherwise browsing your page will not take action.


If you can analyze your content in this fashion (chances are your competition is already doing the same) with the mining of the SERPs, you may get better outputs. Though this tends to be a manual operation, you can use the keyword analysis done earlier.


You can generate new and better ideas for content creation from the learnings of these data sets.


Getting Proper Backlinks

Backlinks can be the icing on the cake in your quest to risk mitigation of your business.


A backlink is like a vote of confidence. While keywords will help you get found, and the content will help earn customer trust, backlinks will get your site the kink it needs for Google.


For your understanding, drawing from the earlier example, you may consider backlink as someone who stands up and says they believe in your competence in the Manchester area.


Content marketing is your way to achieve a profile with strong backlinks. You may need the help of influencers, bloggers. They will make use of your site address as authoritative links. It is worth mentioning that the same is only possible if the content is useful.


You may also use tools to gauge the position of your content against your competition. You may check the total number of the referring domains and the backlinks. Having more backlinks than domains is a usual thing, which means some domains link to you on multiple occasions.


The analysis will also give you a chance to get to know your competitor’s top linked content and help you follow suit. The domains that have linked your competition will link your page too if they find the content useful.

On a concluding note, an overall presentation that ticks the right boxes will score better in SEO. Be it the best use of keywords, content, or backlinks. This article will help you understand the importance of SEO analytics and how businesses benefit from them. They can be your preferred tool to abridge the gap between you and your target audience.

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