Brush Your SEO Skills to Put On the Pro Hat From Being an Expert

Taming the fascinating beast known as SEO may be on your cards for a long time. But it is easier thought than done. It is a fast-paced, rapidly evolving, and in-demand space that has a long life ahead.

If you are into SEO, you already know that it is far from a fast money crunching service. Although, its popularity fetches many to this space for such a reason.

However, expertise in SEO requires experience, commitment, and time. SEO is no more a newbie and has been in existence for more than a decade now. So how do you take the next leap?


Good Habits

You have already learned the basics of SEO and have been implementing it on different client pages. The next crucial leg of your learning curve is to apply them on your page. If you talk to the pros, they will tell how they have grown by experimenting with their site-building project.


Hence sharpen your skills by starting with your site, be it an affiliate page, a blog, etc. Try different ways to manifest content and see how it appears on the SERPs. Spending more time optimizing the content rather than the writing part is advisable.


To change your current position and be able to better analyze and optimize content, increase your depth of knowledge of the tools. Increasing proficiency of the Google Analytics and Google Search Console can be a good step in this aspect.


You may already know while Google Analytics helps in measurement and reporting, the Google Search Console entitles site optimization.


Increasing the determination to regularly read about SEO developments is critical. Changes in search engines are a very regular phenomenon. Reading regularly will help you comprehend the impact of such changes on your page ranking. It can muster you up better to tackle client queries.


Learning From the Best

A great way to learn can also be possible by opting to hear stories from the marketing leaders. They use technology more often to achieve organizational success and generate higher business growth. You can also check out the various voices of search SEO podcasts on the web.


Such podcast episodes take you through the career journey of the most innovative marketers. These podcasts can give you a sense of how they handle the challenges across the different verticals through various SEO tools. They help uncover the pitfalls and successes of the marketing industry pundits. You can pick up a few of their tricks and tips when they take you through their story.


Studying Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines can help you give a further comprehensive look behind the curtains. Hiring people to rate websites is a rhythmic activity at Google. The guide has all the parameters that these people have to look into.


You may already be familiar with E-A-T, which means Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It is the simpler version of the Rater Guidelines. However, if you are planning for an upgrade, then a detailed study of the entire guideline set is a must.


Be a Tad More Technical

The real action is on the SERPs or searches engine results pages. Looking at them more meticulously can help you understand and learn a lot more. You can check

  • Their composition
  • The content on display
  • The better performers
  • The impact on the results, due to the change of queries.

You can also refer to how the SERP features, like featured snippets and knowledge panels, react due to a change of search query type. For example, searching for ‘How to make’ can defer from product searches. The user intent helps define the results for such search queries.


Technical SEO can help make it easier for search engine bots to crawl and index your pages or the website. Knowing what all can prioritize the action of these bots is also crucial for your plans. For example, it can include the factors:

  • Site speed,
  • Mobile usability,
  • JavaScript,
  • Structured data

and all those apparatus that help influence the website function. With rising competition, creating a solid website foundation with the help of technical SEO can help your website feature in the consideration set.


The article has an inherent assumption that the readers are already aware of the basics of SEO tools. They have been using the same for some time. However, if you are relatively new to the SEO space, you will get an idea of what to do after learning the basics.


You can also delve a little deeper into SEO efforts from various marketing campaigns. If you are an expert, this article will help you brush up your skills and put on the pro hat.

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