5 Tips on How to Use Quora as a Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

As a business owner, you may feel overwhelmed with the number of social platforms to market your business. However, no other platform comes even close to the question-and-answer-based interaction established on Quora.


More than 300 million active users use Quora, and almost 35% of Americans use it regularly. It is a goldmine for digital marketing if you can draw up the right strategies. You may feel that you already have a blog to answer all the questions your target audience might have.


But Quora offers a lot more opportunities than just answering questions. It is an excellent platform to engage with the target audience by providing knowledge or expertise to turn them into customers. We spoke to some experts who work for the best SEO services in Los Angeles.


According to them, building a marketing strategy for Quora is not complicated and offers several advantages. These are five tips we gathered from them to help you grow your brand’s reach on the platform and increase traffic for your website.

Create a Thorough Profile

It is obvious that you need to create a profile on Quora to engage with your target audience. However, your profile should be consistent with your business and include elements to create a personal brand.


Even though the profile image is not as critical as other social platforms, a good photograph can stop a user from scrolling to read your content. You can add a lot to your list of credentials on Quora, so choose them wisely and display the ones that confirm your qualification to comment.


You can provide your education, experience, current position, and even location as credentials to support your answers. You can also provide a biography in the about me section to promote your business so that your readers will know who you are and can find your business website. You can also link your other social profiles so that users can find you on other platforms as well.

Target the Right Topics

The next step would be to choose the topics you want to engage with on Quora. You need not restrict yourself to your niche, but the topics you choose should link to your industry. For example, if you sell sports shoes, you can answer questions about fashion, lifestyle, or sports.


You can look for specific questions as well as topics through the search bar on Quora. The platform also allows you to set notifications related to specific topics and receive an alert when someone asks a new or popular question on those topics.


You can also follow individuals or influencers with a lot of followers to receive alerts. That way, you would not have to look for questions to promote your business but get them automatically.

Find Questions You Can Answer

Remember that your goal on Quora is not just to advertise your business. It is also to establish yourself as an expert to drive more web traffic. Therefore, your goal should be to find questions that you can answer the best. You can also edit your answers, so make sure you rectify any mistakes you may have made.


You can also provide any new information you may have unearthed regarding what you said to increase your reputation as an expert. Even though all the answers to a question are visible to the public, there is a scrolling visibility limit. Therefore, a user can miss your answer if it is not one of the higher-rated ones.


So if you find a question related to your industry that someone else has already answered in detail, move on to a similar post. If the readers are impressed with what you have posted, they often request answers on similar topics. That is excellent proof that your marketing strategy on Quora is working.

Repurpose Content

Understandably, you may find it difficult to write specific answers on Quora while managing blogs, social media, and other marketing assets. But there is one way to make things easier for yourself by repurposing your blog posts suitable to answer some of the questions.


It would not be advisable to post an entire article as an answer to a question. However, you can find queries that fit into the same topic so that you can publish parts of your blogpost that provide valuable insights. You can also include a link to the complete article in the answer so that readers will know that you have not copied it from somewhere.

Check Quora Analytics

Quora provides analytics to monitor the number of views, shares, and upvotes for your answers. If you have asked a question, you can also view its analytics the same way.


The analytics are an excellent way to track your data for previous periods for individual responses as well as your profile's entire performance on the platform. That way, you can understand which of your answers are generating the most engagement so you can gather necessary insight from them.


Including Quora in your digital marketing strategy can have many benefits for your business. You can increase your brand awareness and reputation on the platform using the methods we discussed.


That way, your answers on Quora can also drive more traffic to your website and generate convertible leads. You can align using Quora with your content strategy to boost your website traffic and reap numerous benefits.

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