5 Misconceptions That Only SEO Agency Experts Can Clear Out for You

There are several myths and misconceptions that revolve around Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These misconceptions are generated because no one really knows how Google and its algorithms rank websites on the search engine result pages.


You must be wondering how professional SEO agencies know about these misconceptions while you do not. That is because SEO experts spend a considerable amount of time experimenting and testing various search engine theories so they can use the ones that actually work.


We spoke to some of the experts from Grapefruit SEO Services Agency to learn more about these misconceptions. We will talk about what we learned from them in this article.

Using More Keywords on a Page Is Better for Rank

Many people still believe in the age-old SEO misconception that repetitive use of keywords in the content can rank the website higher. But SEO experts know that too much use of keywords in the content can lead to keyword stuffing which has become a negative ranking factor.


Google feels that using the keyword too often in the content can affect the user experience adversely. Some people have also misused keyword stuffing in the past, so Google has listed the strategy as a Black Hat SEO technique and penalizes any website that follows it.


You might be wondering about the maximum amount of keyword use in any content. SEO experts say that the permissible number of times you can use a keyword can depend on several factors. That is why it is best to use an SEO content editor tool with natural language processing to know how many times you can use a keyword in your content.

Content Quality Is Secondary to Keywords

You might have heard that keyword targeting is the most crucial aspect of SEO. That is why some people believe that the content quality is not as important as including the right keywords. But as we mentioned before, Google has been prioritizing user experience in the algorithm updates since 2010.


In 2020, Google made changes to its core algorithm to optimize user experience from search results, and its page experience update is due to roll out in May 2021. The page experience update would place more emphasis on how a user interacts with the search results, which will alter search engine rankings to a great extent.


That is why SEO experts have started giving more importance to content quality instead of focusing on placing keywords. According to them, Google will rank content that has been written for humans higher than the ones directed towards the web crawlers. SEO experts believe that Google will also check how much information has been provided in the content and how fast the webpage loads.

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions Are Irrelevant

People who think that title tags and meta descriptions do not matter anymore should realize that those are the information that a user sees first on the search engine results. In fact, you should know that Google creates a meta-description automatically for any webpage that does not contain it.


Therefore, people who neglect to optimize title tags and meta descriptions are missing opportunities to rank their websites higher. Some people think that these two elements can be optimized with the use of the right keywords. But once again, it is best if you prioritize search intent over keyword stuffing.


Remember that the two elements could be responsible for attracting a user to click on your website link. So you must keep these aspects in mind while optimizing title tags and meta descriptions for your content.

SEO Agencies That  Offer Immediate Results Are Better

The SEO experts at Grapefruit SEO agency told us that a lot of their potential clients expect immediate results. It makes it difficult for them to convince business owners that SEO is a long-term effort, and it takes time to build the parameters that can rank a website higher on search engines.


Most clients do not realize they should not trust companies that came to get a company to the number one position immediately on search engine results pages.


Either these companies are making false promises, or they might be using Black Hat SEO techniques, which can eventually hurt a business website's credibility on Google. White Hat SEO techniques, such as keyword research, link building, and content take time to affect search engine ranks.

All Backlinks Contribute to SEO

Most people know that they need to include backlinks to their website content to make it rank higher on search results. It is true that Google uses backlinks to understand if the content is trustworthy or not. Sometimes, backlinks can also affect local SEO factors to rank a website for geolocation-based searches.


However, SEO experts know that all backings do not carry the same weightage to the content. That is why they only use backlinks from web pages with a high domain authority for maximum SEO impact. People should also avoid backlinks from untrustworthy sites with minimal credibility, as they can have a negative impact on the content ranking on search results.


There is no denying that SEO can be a complex marketing strategy. But it is necessary to take the right steps so that the website and its content can reap the benefits.


So the next time you think of using SEO techniques to improve your search engine ranking, make sure that you remember these misconceptions that we have debunked. Alternatively, you can also hire a professional SEO agency to guide you in your efforts and maximize their impact.

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