4 Unique Ways to Gain More Online Visibility for Your Local Business in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on almost every local business in the world, especially the ones that are reliant on regular customer inflow. Most companies had to shift their strategies to focus on online sales instead. That is why it has become crucial for business leaders to optimize their visibility on the Internet.


Some of these companies might be making their first moves to sell online, while others have to tweak their SEO and business strategies to meet the current customer demands. We will discuss some unique ways which can help local business owners to improve online brand visibility.

Remarket Your Existing Content

The pandemic has altered several things for businesses, but not all of these changes are bad. Many business owners have realized that they need to reevaluate their online marketing strategies and turn some of the business processes. You may have a limited budget for fresh marketing content.


However, that does not mean that your online marketing efforts should suffer. Remarketing old content can be useful for your business and help you identify the needs of your existing and potential customers. It can also help you focus more on these needs and increase your conversion rates.


The remarketing strategy can prove to be a great alternative to the pre-pandemic methods of targeting potential consumers. You can also target the remarketed content towards your existing customers. Re-engaging existing clients is always less expensive than trying to target new ones and fetch better returns.


You can also direct the remarketing content toward your social media posts if social media is one of your primary advertising channels. You can use certain tools to optimize cross-device access and ad deliveries, which can lead to higher conversions.

Refresh Elements on Your Website

As a business owner, you must be aware of the importance of an SEO-optimized website. You must use the product descriptions or any other content on your website to target the relevant keywords and gain traffic. But it is equally necessary to monitor the analytics to ensure that the traffic and conversion rates are consistent with time.


You may notice some fluctuations in your keyword rankings over time. But if you see a drastic fall in the ranking factors, it is time to refresh your website content. You should also ensure that you have optimized your website using the relevant keywords that have gained importance during the pandemic. For example, 'sanitization' and 'hygienic preparation' have become crucial keywords for the restaurant industry in the current times.


You can use a tool like Google Keyword Planner for keyword research as well as analytical monitoring. For example, if your business is located in New York City, you can use the tool to find the trending NYC SEO keywords and add them to your content. It will ensure that people looking for local New York businesses will come across your website on search engine result pages.

Partner With Other Local Businesses

We understand that you may have a sense of competition with other local businesses. However, the current times require us to put aside our differences and support each other. Joining hands with a local business will enable you to pool ideas, utilize contacts, and reach out to more customers.


There are several ways to partner with local businesses for every industry. For example, local restaurants can engage in cross-promotional activities by offering discounts to visiting customers at other food outlets or shops. You can run these promotions online to optimize your brand visibility on the Internet.


Make sure that you place these promotions strategically on your website with an attractive CTA button. You can also include some keywords along with the promotions. These are some other interesting ways to support local businesses together.


  • Run an online competition and promote it on your websites and social media pages.
  • Host an event with a local business so you can exchange customer bases as well as attract new audiences.
  • Create product or service bundles and offer them to your customers with a good discount.
  • Collaborate with a local business to create a range of new products or services.
  • Cross-promote local businesses through social media campaigns.

Host a Virtual Event

If you have lost touch with your customers during the pandemic, a virtual event can be the perfect way to reconnect with them. It can be a great opportunity to interact with your existing and potential customers so you can find out the types of products and services they currently need.


You can also use this chance to promote the launch of a new product or share any other business news with them. Try to get as creative with the virtual event as possible. For example, if you have a local restaurant that is struggling to get adequate footfall, you can host a live cooking class through your website or social media page.


You can also share some culinary tips and tricks that can be useful for home chefs. Make sure you use the target keywords while posting the video on social media, your website, or your YouTube channel.


The pandemic has forced every business to think differently so they can keep their doors open. The post-pandemic era is the perfect opportunity to adjust your online marketing strategies so you can optimize your brand’s visibility through the Internet. We hope that these methods prove useful to recapture the market and boost your sales in 2021.

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