4 Effective Acquisition Marketing Tactics to Leverage Through Your Blogs

The costs of acquiring customers have gone up almost twice in the last year, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why it has become challenging for marketing executives to come up with effective marketing strategies. Fortunately, there is an effective tool at your disposal that you may not have used to its full potential.


You can use your blog intelligently as a part of your sales and marketing arsenal to drive customers. So instead of creating blog posts according to your whims and fancies, you should create content strategically to increase your ROI from them.


Your ultimate goal should be to guide the readers to the sale-driving pages before they leave your website. You can use these four effective acquisition marketing tactics to achieve that.

Include Opt-Ins to Drive Leads

You should include opt-ins on your blog posts that guide the readers to complete the desired action for your business. Here are some examples of such opt-ins that you can use in your content:


  • Offer a first-time discount for new customers.
  • Guide readers to a page with products related to the subject of your blog.
  • Encourage visitors to sign up for a free download so you can add them to your email marketing funnel.


Think about how to fit an opt-in in your content before creating it so that it can be the best supplement to your current marketing strategy. For example, the option to sign up for a free download would be most suitable if your email marketing is a high-converting funnel.


On the other hand, a promo code or first-time discount would be ideal if your business is struggling to sell its products or services. Remember that you will also need to find a suitable platform that allows you to manage the entire process.

Advertise the Launch of a New Product or Service

You can generate blog posts that enable you to announce the launch of new products or services organically. You can include a story of how you created the products or services and what they can achieve for your potential customers.


You can also talk about the innovation behind these products or services in your blog post to catch the attention of readers. Content can be a great way to explain the importance of the product or service you have created as well as specify your intended plan for it.


You must understand that such stories can bring life to your campaign across your sales and marketing channels. So, focus on integrating your marketing efforts for the launch, such as photographs, captions, or other data within the blog content to maximize your ROI.


The post can also be a great way to drive hype amongst your potential customers leading up to launch day. Remember to include CTAs and opt-ins in the blog post so readers who connect with the story can purchase your products or services.

Organically Include Your Products or Services in Value-Adding Content

The idea of including your products or services organically in your content can be an excellent acquisition marketing tactic for your business. It allows you to help your readers ponder their problems while naturally highlighting how your product or service can solve them. Here are two examples of using this strategy:


  • A company that provides lawn care services can publish an article with a topic like “how to take care of your lawn without breaking the bank?” It will allow them to feature their services within the context of the article to attract the attention of readers. Moreover, homeowners with lawns are more likely to look for such blog posts on the Internet.
  • A business selling natural skincare products can write about “natural ways to take care of your skin” so they can organically feature their products in the blog. People looking for natural methods of skincare on the Internet are likely to stumble upon their articles and feel tempted to buy their products. 

Create Ads on Blogs That Drive Potential Customers to Landing Pages

You can use your blog to feature an ad as an internal promotion. You can embed the ads within the text, place them as banners on top of the webpage, or put them on the sidebar. You can choose their position to match the theme and set up of your blogs.


Place the ad strategically to draw the reader’s attention to your products or services that they may not know about beforehand. This tactic is a great way for small businesses to drive their brand impressions and direct the readers to the business website. You should ensure that the ad visually stands out from the rest of the content to attract the reader’s attention.


Internal acquisition marketing through your blogs can be a great way to drive sales, especially when the cost of paid marketing has become so expensive. We hope that you can include these methods in your marketing strategies to maximize your revenue and business growth.

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