3 Clever Ways to Boost Last-Minute E-Commerce Sales Using Search Marketing Strategies

E-commerce businesses often need to boost last-minute sales to move their stock or feature limited-time promotions. Search marketing approaches can be useful to generate leads and sales for a short time. Digital marketers and business owners often struggle with short-duration digital campaigns to boost online revenues. 


They often get advice about building into their marketing efforts and forecasting the trends in their e-commerce industry. However, they can use search marketing tactics to ensure that their target customers go from interest to purchase quickly. 


In this post, we will talk about some clever ways to boost last-minute sales. E-commerce business owners can use them for better stock management or make the most of seasonal sales.

Target Shopping Ads and Free Listings on Google

Several e-commerce businesses miss out on a large volume of customers by targeting only paid product ads on search engine result pages. However, you can also optimize the organic advertisement for your e-commerce sales even if you do not have any paid campaigns running for search engines.


Google announced in 2020 that businesses that have a physical location could appear on several avenues powered by Google, such as search engine, Google Shopping, Google Maps, and Google Lens for free. The update became effective in April 2020 and has even reached the international markets. However, there are a few conditions that you need to fulfill, such as:


  • You have to agree to the Google policies for local inventory ads to list your products on Google.

  • You have to submit your product descriptions and the local product inventory feed that you offer via the Google Merchant Centre.

  • You have to make sure that you choose to list your local products on Google without paying any fee by selecting the relevant Feature on Google Merchant Centre.


As an online retailer, you can complete these essential steps to get free exposure on Google search engine result pages to target consumers ready to buy your products. You can also utilize the same tactic to target other Google results and optimize the SEO for your website. If you want to learn how to do that, you can visit this website to find top SEO experts in your city.

Pay Attention to High Commercial Intent 

You can always increase your last-minute sales by making your best commercial intent pages perform better within a short time. The best thing is you already have the data in hand to achieve the desired results. All you have to do is combine Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) efforts with your SEO strategies and other digital marketing tactics.


That means you focus your CRO strategies on pages that are already ranking high for targeted keywords. You have to make sure that you consider CRO for search engine result pages as well as on-page clicks to get maximum conversions and sales.


Even though CRO should be an ongoing marketing effort, you can combine it with your existing approaches to speed up the process and get the optimum returns. You will find many tried and tested CRO tactics that can deliver consistent outcomes. Even though you should always prioritize your existing data, you can also try these tactics.


  • Utilize the topmost Google Search Console terms or phrases into the title tags and meta descriptions for your products. It will boost the relevance of your products to search user queries and increase click-through rates. The more people land on your website pages featuring your products, the higher the chances of them going through the conversion funnel.

  • Test your ad creatives on organic and paid channels so that you can choose one with better results. If you already have this data at hand, utilize it for the best returns.

  • Always place an attractive call-to-action (CTA) button on the advertisements to encourage users to click on them. Also, make sure that you include appropriate CTA buttons on each product page as well to drive sales from multiple sources.

  • Bring your content up to date by including trending data and statistics so it ranks higher on search engine result pages. That way, you will be able to target a wider audience and introduce them somewhere along the sales funnel.

Optimize Your Homepage

Many e-commerce businesses end up overlooking the impact of their homepage while driving their short-term sales. They should bear in mind that the homepage usually acts as the landing page which attracts the highest volume from organic searches as well as paid channels.


Some minor changes to the website homepage can result in dramatic increases in the number of conversions from new and existing customers. You can try some of these methods to optimize your homepage CRO performance.


  • Optimize your product coverage on the homepage and prioritize those with higher profit margins.

  • Add a primary CTA button on your website's home page and make sure that it does not get cluttered by elements that prevent the user from clicking on it.

  • Optimize your page loading speed and other Core Web Vitals essential for website ranking as well as improve usability for better conversions.

  • Include elements that increase a visitor’s trust in your brands, such as customer reviews or influential recommendations.

  • Make sure that your website home page is compatible with multiple browsers and devices.


Driving last-minute sales for your e-commerce business can be crucial for various reasons, such as inventory management, seasonal sales, or adjusting to shifting trends. You can use several digital marketing tactics, but you would benefit the most from search engine marketing. So, use these tactics the next time you want to boost your flash sales and judge it yourself if the results are to your satisfaction.

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