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Best SMO Companies of 2014

Discover the most trusted Social Media Marketing agencies of 2014 that combine their expertise in digital marketing and social media with creativity to build close relationships with brands and their customers in real time.

Score: 99.30


#1 of Best SMO Companies of 2014 - Fruition® is a Denver, Colorado based SEM, SEO, PPC, website development, website design, mobile app, & general Internet marketing services company. Although Fruition Internet Marketing Expertise has a physical office in Denver, Colorado, they provide Internet Marketing services for companies throughout the United States, Europe, the Pacific Rim, and Mexico.

Score: 97.53

Intrapromote LLC

#2 of Best SMO Companies of 2014 - Intrapromote is the Search Agency for the World's Biggest Brands because we understand the fine points of effective, long-term, best practice Search Engine Optimization.

Score: 95.04

SEO Inc.

#3 of Best SMO Companies of 2014 - SEO Inc. optimizes your online presence in search, social media, and mobile using our experience, expertise, and innovative techniques. SEO Inc. has adapted our search engine optimization methodology to the changes in search engine algorithms, and over the past decade, we have added world class social media marketing, paid search, web design & development, and online brand management to create an integrated strategy that achieves results.Today, we focus on integrated internet marketing solutions with SEO and social media at the core and additional related services to extend our client’s internet presence. We have a deep understanding of how organic search, paid search, and social media work together and how to integrate these strategies to achieve incredible return on investment.

Score: 93.48

VIZION Interactive, Inc.

#4 of Best SMO Companies of 2014 - Vizion Interactive is a full service Interactive marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization and search engine friendly design/development. VIZION Interactive is strategically aligned to provide a solid partnership for the long term success of its clients.

Score: 90.51


#5 of Best SMO Companies of 2014 - We are firm believers in the power of SEM and know combining both Pay-Per-Click Marketing and Organic Search Engine Optimization will deliver your business the results you want to see today.

Score: 85.31

Internet Marketing Ninjas

#6 of Best SMO Companies of 2014 - Internet Marketing Ninjas is a full service Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services company offering results-driven services and exceptional customer support. Our web marketing services include Social Media, Link Building, Local Search, PPC, Content Creation, and Web Design.

Score: 82.40

Mint Social

#7 of Best SMO Companies of 2014 - Mint Social is a social media marketing and online branding company that establishes a presence for businesses in the fastest growing segment of the Internet.

Score: 80.27


#8 of Best SMO Companies of 2014 - Oneupweb’s goal is to continually help our clients reach new levels of online sales success by providing insightful counsel, comprehensive analysis and leading proprietary technology, created expressly for business leaders and marketers.

Score: 75.86

#9 of Best SMO Companies of 2014 - is a search engine optimization firm located in Provo, Utah. was founded in April, 2003 under the name Web Targeted. The mission of is to give businesses of all sizes the opportunity to harness the power of search engines as a marketing medium.

Score: 51.95


#10 of Best SMO Companies of 2014 - Mediative is a digital marketing company providing performance services and access to media platforms. Organizations who want to significantly enhance their digital presence and influence buyers turn to us to help generate revenue by quickly moving their target from awareness to purchase.