Best SEM Companies for November 2016

Find the Top 10 SEM companies and choose the best of them to increase your visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization and advertising.

Monthly Score: 99.81

SEO Brand

#1 of Best SEM Companies of November 2016 - Our award-winning team stands at the forefront of all emerging trends in digital marketing, strategy and web development.  Located in 3 different countries, SEO Brand is fluent in over 7 languages and drives business for client aquisition through all facets of digital marketing.  Call us today for a free consultation and let us show you how we are the Un-Agency.

Monthly Score: 97.90

Foxtail Marketing

#2 of Best SEM Companies of November 2016 - Foxtail Marketing was founded by online marketing veterans who got tired of the old ways of doing online marketing. They don’t try to “game” Google and other search engines.  They build lasting and quality marketing campaigns that aren’t affected by algorithmic changes.  Instead of “gaming the system” they work within the system and create engaging campaigns that drive real traffic and revenues to their clients’ websites.

Monthly Score: 95.31

Mad Fish Digital

#3 of Best SEM Companies of November 2016 - Mad Fish Digital is values-first marketing agency serving national brands. We specialize in integrated marketing strategies that leverage SEO, SEM, creative and data to achieve real goals. Whether it’s SEO help to get you seen by your potential customers, or building paid media campaigns that support your business, we’ll research and deliver in-depth solutions to help you exceed KPIs. 

Monthly Score: 93.37

ATAK Interactive

#4 of Best SEM Companies of November 2016 - We believe in "Strength in Structure". It’s embedded in everything we do. From strategy to marketing to development to design to optimizing MarTech, ATAK brings proven systems to help you achieve your goals. We can try to differentiate our service lines but you’ll see similar services at a plethora of different agencies. What you won’t see is a 100% commitment to building the right foundation for clients in every element of their growth process.

Monthly Score: 91.30

Ignite Digital

#5 of Best SEM Companies of November 2016 - Ignite Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency. We provide digital marketing for brands. Our solutions combine Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media (community management), Website development and more, to help enrich our clients campaigns.

Monthly Score: 86.63

#6 of Best SEM Companies of November 2016 -

Monthly Score: 83.26


#7 of Best SEM Companies of November 2016 - Headquartered in Miami, Florida, SpiderBoost is a leading interactive agency providing comprehensive marketing services in virtually every business sector/industry vertical. Our highly diverse client base consists of individual entities and corporations varying in size from the SMB to enterprise (Fortune 500) level. From Entrepreneurs to Executives; we have experience creating winning customized solutions that have grown brands, engagement, loyalty, reputation, conversions and revenue.

Monthly Score: 80.35

Adaptivity Pro

#8 of Best SEM Companies of November 2016 - Adaptivity Pro has been a pioneer in Utah web design and Internet marketing, though a vast quantity of work has been done for clients outside the realm of Utah on a national and international level. Since CEO Eric Morgan founded the company in 2004 its success in satisfying clients’ needs in design, SEO, PPC, and various other Internet marketing tasks has been exponential. As Adaptivity Pro continues to grow so does its impressive portfolio and so do the success of the multitude of clients that it assists in developing their Internet presence.

Monthly Score: 76.96

Oozle Media

#9 of Best SEM Companies of November 2016 - In 2014, Scott and Travis turned their focus to mobile and other tech related startups, putting Oozle in the hands of two key employees; Chris Linford (CEO) & Dave Smith (COO). Chris has been with Oozle Media since 2008 and Dave since 2010. Scott and Travis now serve on the Oozle Board and are growing their other tech companies while Chris, Dave and the rest of the amazingly talented Oozlers focus on achieving Oozle Media’s goal of providing ROI driven, innovative mktg and dev services for all of our clients.

Monthly Score: 47.79

Get Found First

#10 of Best SEM Companies of November 2016 - Get Found First is a PPC Management firm. We pride ourselves in our devotion to data, hard work, and success. We stand ready and able to assist any company with a large PPC Management budget. Our goal as a company is to give world-class PPC Management that is focused on the client’s ROI. Enough about us! We want to talk about your business with you!