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The more we contribute, the more we have!

The Core Values and Peculiarities of RGray Marketing:
- Highest quality of services and advice provided;
- Friendly relationships with clients - each our employee & partner treat a client like his/her friend.
- 100% convenience in the quality of services provided by our contractors;
- Rewarding each loyal client and partner.

Our Key Features:
- The highest quality of services and advice provided;
- Predictable and grounded pricing;
- Marketing development ROADMAP;
- The economy of time: all SPECIFICS is provided after 2 meetings;
- Friendly relationships with clients;
- The list of and direct connection with TOP contractors in terms of the quality of services provided;
- Intangible loyalty program for each client and partner.

As our key values are tied to providing the highest quality and bringing the most unique expertise, we hire cross-functional marketing specialists having experience in developing, implementing and running promotional campaigns on for FinTech, Blockchain, and traditional IT products in-house. Our people are able not only treat the customers perfectly and answer all their questions in advance but also learn fast if there is work related to a new niche. The same approach is applied to hiring professionals to the operational team. All of us have experience at least in one of the mentioned fields, along with the tendency to get better routinely.

The vibrant ability to learn and propensity for personal and professional development on the regular basis are the core traits of RGray employees. It’s also backed with the corporate promotion of sports and education. Additionally, the active encouragement of self-brand development by key employees contribute to building the quality network of partners/contractors.
All of that considerably facilitates the prosperity of the company and its impact on the global development of innovations and business field.