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“Olshansky & Partners” is one of the leading companies on the market on online marketing and development in Russia and Ukraine. Started in 2011, the company now has over 120 employees in Kiev. 1. Internet marketing “Olshansky & Partners” was one of the first companies who started to offer SEO services in the countries of the former USSR. Today we hold 3 annual conferences in the niche of online marketing which tend to be the most important events in Eastern Europe: “Search optimization and promotion”, “Audience management and Advertising in the Internet” and “Creation, development and support of internet projects”. We publish books on internet marketing and hold practical seminars. Our Newsletter has over 86K of active subscribers and rates as the most popular in the niche of Internet marketing in Russia and Ukraine. We offer SEO Services, PPC management, PR campaigns, Digital advertising, Promotion services. We help offline companies to start their businesses online, which includes strategy, market research, promotion, advertising, building brand awareness, client relationship, and setting the processes that would connect the online business to offline facilities. More than 300 companies use our service, technologies and online services today. These are the leaders of Russian online banking sector, tourism and recreation, real estate, informational technology, computers, household appliances, furniture, retail. We have succeeded to increase their traffic and sales, reorganize processes, improve communication, customer care and product/service values. Contact us today, and we will try to give your business a new impulse. 2. Technologies Technology is the second direction we have been developing since the start. This is the development of internet technologies in the areas of advertising, search, artificial intelligence. We help the right for the following products and technologies: Spam filtering technology “Spamtest” (used by Kaspersky Anti-Spam, Mail.ru service and has tens of millions on users overall) Technology that defines what the text is about “Semantic Mirror” Geotargeting technology Deep Search technology Service to monitor and analyze the results of an SEO promotion – SeoRate.ru Search engine Flexum.ru and lots of others.