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HD WebMarketing

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HD WebMarketing is a French e-commerce and digital marketing agency


We specialise in advising online businesses on how to enter a new market and increase their online sales specifically through SEO. So how can we help your business with this?

- On Site Optimisation:

We always start with an audit of the website or of the needs of the company. If the site exists, we’ll help create a strategy while also resolving possible SEO problems, both technical and content related. From carrying out an audit on an existing website we can look at aspects such as the content and the speed of the website to determine a strategy for the next step.

- Content Marketing:

We can create high quality content for websites and optimise it by using various techniques in order for online businesses to achieve a higher position in search engines. This includes translating the website into the targeted language if the e-commerce businesses wants to export its activities.

- Linked with other aspects of Traffic Management: We also have expertise in Google AdWords campaigns both on a small and large budget scale as well as experience in creating global strategies for businesses wanting to expand their activities internationally.

For international projects, we have the knowledge and skills to integrate SEO within this strategy. We work on a 3-way process: Strategy -> Operating -> Analysis. We establish a strategy that best suits your e-commerce business, we put the strategy into practice using our expert knowledge in SEO and then analyse the results. From this we can continue to optimise and develop your website to achieve the best results.

Our focus is on advising French businesses wanting to export to English-speaking countries and British businesses wanting to export to France. Due to our bilingual abilities and international experience HD WebMarketing can help e-commerce businesses achieve high quality SEO.